Stem cells and PRP are used in the treatment of many diseases.

Stem cells are known as cells in our body that can renew themselves. Due to its cell renewal process, as in many other fields, it is often used in orthopedics. One of the orthopedic doctors, Op. Dr. Mustafa İsmet Tatar gave important information about stem cell and PRP methods by mentioning that stem cell and PRP treatments were practiced in Tekden Hospital and had successful results. Kiss. Dr Tatar said: “We can explore stem cell applications in orthopedics under two heads. One is the process we call PRP, which is obtained from cells taken from the blood. This application is more commonly known as stem cells. Another is the application of real stem cells that are obtained from the fat cells that are taken from the abdomen the logic here is to send the cells that we obtain to the problem area and make sure that the cells there are treated by certain hormones such as growth factors in that area. Stem cells do not go to the problem area and make new cells there. It only initiates a repair process by secreting some factors and growth hormones.”

“We need to use stem cell therapy in the early stages of the disease before it’s too late”

Talking about which diseases stem cell therapy is used in orthopedics and traumatology, Dr. İsmet Tatar said: “Stem cell therapy is used in orthopedics in some stages of many diseases, such as joint calcification, ligament and tendon injuries, muscle tears, tennis elbow, heel spurs, meniscus tears. The effect starts immediately after applying the stem cells. In the application made from blood, which we call PRP, the period of action is 8 days. With the application made from the fat cells taken from the abdomen, the recovery continues for 90 days in the damaged area. The action taken; After the stem cells are obtained, the cells are sent to the region using an injector. We cannot perform a PRP application in these cases if the person has a bleeding disorder or if he or she is on blood medication that he or she has recently taken. Because the cells we take in are deteriorating. We can use the application of the belly fat cells much more often. However, some diseases and some medications can prevent this situation.

“Is stem cell therapy used in every stage of every disease?”

Noting that he regularly encounters questions such as whether stem cell therapy is used at every stage of every disease, Op. Dr Mustafa İsmet Tatar said: “They can be used in certain stages of diseases. For example, when we talk about calcification disease, we examine this disease in four stages. Stem cell application can work in the first, second and third phase. But if it has reached the fourth stage and the knee has become surgical, then applying stem cells will not work. Our patients mainly ask for the use of stem cells for surgical problems. But using stem cells cannot revive a dead cell. It may only work at certain stages of the disease.

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