Stiletto trend with laces | Features and combination suggestions

The favorite shoe model of the brave and sexy woman, stiletto, comes with different models. Lace-up stilettos on the feet of fashion icons are grabbing our attention this season.

What is a Lace Up Stiletto?

Lace-up stiletto is a kind of high-heeled, thin and pointed toe shoe. These shoes, which are usually complemented by lace details, have become very popular in the fashion world in recent years. It is known that stiletto shoes with laces are worn not only by women, but also by men.

Lace-up stiletto shoes are shoes that can adapt to different styles and have a very stylish look. The heels of these shoes usually range from 7 cm to 15 cm, and they usually have a thin, pointed-toe design. The soles of lace-up stiletto shoes are usually made of non-slip material.

The popularity of lace-up stiletto shoes is also linked to the trend of minimalism that has emerged in the fashion world in recent years. With their simple, sober yet stylish designs, these shoes are easy to combine with many different outfits. Plus, the fact that lace-up stiletto heels come in many different colors and patterns offers more options for those who follow fashion.

Lace-Up Stiletto History

Stiletto with laces

Although lace-up stiletto heels are very popular in the fashion world today, their history goes back to ancient times. The use of lace-up shoes dates back to ancient Roman times. At that time, lace-up shoes were used for military purposes. Laces were used to protect the shoes by wrapping the foot tightly.

Another important turning point in the history of lace-ups occurred in the 17th century. In this period, the emergence of lace-up shoes in the fashion world began in Europe, especially in Italy. Particularly preferred by noble women, these shoes provided grace and elegance by tightly wrapping the foot. Lace-up shoes at that time were not heels but flat soles.

The next major milestone in the history of lace-up stilettos came in the 1950s. During this period, lace-up shoes began to re-emerge in the fashion world. With the introduction of stiletto heels, lace-up stiletto heels have gained an important place in the women’s wardrobe.

How To Combine Lace-Up Stilettos?

Stiletto with laces

Stiletto lace-up shoes are a stylish and elegant type of shoes that have gained an important place in the women’s wardrobe. However, if worn without proper combinations, it can have the opposite effect instead of looking classy. That’s why you might need some tips for pairing stilettos with laces. Here are some suggestions for you:

Combine with skinny jeans

Lace-up stilettos go perfectly with skinny jeans. You can make the shoes stand out by wearing dark skinny jeans and a blouse or shirt over them.

With short dresses

It can also create a stylish look with short dresses. You can get a stylish and comfortable look by pairing it with short dresses that you prefer especially in summer.

With Long Skirts

You can also combine stilettos with laces with long skirts. You get a stylish look with long, flared skirts or pleated skirts. To complete this combination you can wear a plain blouse over your top.

With leather shorts

It can also be a stylish combination with leather shorts. You can make your lace-up stilettos stand out by wearing a plain T-shirt or blouse over your top.

with coveralls

Lace-up stilettos also make a great pairing with overalls. You can get a stylish look by wearing a pair of lace-up stiletto heels that match the color of your jumpsuit.

Lace Up Stiletto Features

Stiletto with laces

Stilettos, pointed toes and thin heels are detailed with a pair of laces at the front. Thin laces are tied tightly at the front to enclose the foot. This detail creates a different style for the stiletto. These are the features of the lace-up stiletto;

  • Wearing lace-up suede stilettos in the summer also adds a different style.
  • It attracts attention not only with suede, but also with lace-up, leather, patent leather and snakeskin models.
  • It attracts the attention of women with its different cuts and different colors.
  • Pointed toe stilettos are generally appreciated with their open-toe models specially designed for the summer season.
  • Lace-up stilettos in combination with evening dresses create a very assertive and stylish look.
  • Lace needles can be combined with any outfit.
  • Jeans and stiletto combinations in particular are, as always, among the favorite stylish and sporty combinations of women.
  • Lace needles in combination with short dresses are ideal in the summer.
  • Since jeans are the most used pieces in summer, you can combine them with lace needles.
  • You can create your own style with lace-up stilettos, consisting of colors and patterns that you choose according to your taste. Stilettos with laces at the back give a different look.

Information about Lace-up Stiletto Comfort and Comfort

Stiletto with laces

Lace-up stiletto shoes are one of the must-have shoes in the women’s wardrobe. Suitable for many combinations with their stylish and elegant appearance, these shoes are comfortable and cozy at the same time. For women who have to stand all day, it is very important to choose shoes that do not disturb their feet.

One of the most prominent features of lace-up stiletto shoes is their high heels. However, high heels can cause discomfort and pain. The heels of lace-up stiletto heels are usually between 8-10 cm. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the height of the heel for the comfort of the shoes. If the heels of the shoes are thick and wide, your feet will be more comfortable.

What style combinations can lace-up stilettos be used in?

Lace-up stiletto shoes can be used in classy and formal style combinations, especially for business meetings, special occasions or nighttime events. However, they can also be used in more casual outfits. For example, a casual look can be achieved by combining it with jeans or a mini skirt.

How high should the heel height of lace-up stilettos be?

The heel height of stiletto heel shoes with laces is usually between 8-10 cm. However, the heel height of the shoe depends on the person’s preference. The higher the heel height, the more likely the feet will become tired and sore. Therefore, you may prefer a lower heel height for activities that require you to stand for long periods of time.

How to clean lace-up stilettos?

The cleaning of stiletto heel shoes with laces can vary depending on the material of the shoe. In general, the outside of the shoes can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth. Special leather cleaners can be used for leather shoes. In addition, regular maintenance is recommended for the life of the shoes.

What materials are laced stiletto shoes made of?

Stiletto shoes with laces can usually be made from materials such as synthetic or natural leather, suede, velvet, satin. While synthetic materials may be preferred because they are more affordable, materials such as natural leather and suede are of higher quality and durability.

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