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Street fashion is a fashion trend that, apart from the traditional fashion industry, attaches importance to individual expression and sustainability. It is a space where everyone has the freedom to create and express their own style of street fashion.

What is Street Fashion?

Street fashion has become an increasingly popular fashion trend in recent years. Street fashion, which originated as a way to create and express a style within the street itself, was reflected in the clothing styles of young people and young spirits.

Street fashion is a movement that originated independently from the traditional fashion industry and is usually formed by combining common clothes worn on the street. Street fashion does not include traditional elements of the fashion industry, such as fashion magazines, celebrity outfits or fashion weeks.

One of the most distinctive features of street fashion is its emphasis on individual expression. Street fashion allows an individual to express themselves through their choice of clothing and accessories. Therefore, each person’s street fashion style is unique and this style consists of many different factors.

Street fashion is also a boundless field and cannot be classified according to factors such as gender, age, body type. Everyone has the freedom to create and express their own street fashion style.

What are the current trends in street fashion?

Street fashion

Street fashion has always been a fleeting fashion trend. With the influence of new generation designers and social media influencers on street fashion, the speed of these trends has also increased. These are the current street fashion trends:

oversized clothing

Wide and loose clothing is one of the most popular street fashion trends of recent years. Oversized T-shirts, trousers, jackets and even dresses are an indispensable part of street fashion.

Flamboyant accessories

Big and flashy accessories are one of the complementary elements of street fashion style. Accessories such as large earrings, thick necklaces, wide hats, rings and bracelets are among the must-have items of street fashion.

neon colors

Vibrant and bright neon colors are one of the popular trends of street fashion in recent years. Neon T-shirts, sweatshirts and even shoes reflect the energetic and bold style of street fashion.

vintage clothing

Vintage clothing is one of the classics of street fashion. T-shirts with retro prints, old-style jeans and vintage jackets are among the must-have items of street fashion.


Bringing together comfort and elegance, sneakers are one of the hottest trends in street fashion. Especially the sneakers of brands such as Nike, Adidas and Converse are among the shoe models that are often preferred in street fashion.

high waist pants

High-waisted pants are one of the most popular street fashion clothing trends in recent years. High-waisted jeans, high-waisted fabric pants, and even high-waisted leather pants are among the often-preferred garments in street fashion.

The role of accessories in street fashion

Street fashion

Street fashion is full of accessories that are a great way to complete your style. An accessory can make a simple outfit more stylish and set you apart. Among the street fashion accessories, there are many options such as hats, glasses, bags, belts, earrings, bracelets, rings and scarves.

A hat is a frequently used accessory, especially in autumn and winter. Hats can be used not only to match your style but also to keep you warm in cold weather. Wide-brimmed hats offer a stylish look, while hat and beanie combinations can keep you warmer.

Glasses are another popular accessory. Both men and women complete their style with sunglasses and spectacle frames. A stylish frame or colored glass can make a simple outfit more fun.

The bag is both a functional and a stylistic accessory. Many people choose and use their bags with their models. A large shoulder bag or backpack is an excellent choice for everyday carry-on luggage. A small handbag is perfect for a special evening.

Belts are usually used on trousers or skirts in street fashion. A belt can complement or accentuate your outfit. You can also give your style a different vibe by using different belt buckles.

Suggestions for street fashion winter combinations

Street fashion

Street fashion is a style concept that remains popular not only in summer but also in winter. Despite the cold weather, it is possible to create warm yet stylish combinations that reflect your style. So, what are the winter street fashion trends? Here are some suggestions for street fashion winter combinations:

Oversized jackets

Large and loose-fitting coats keep you warm in winter and ensure a stylish look. You can combine it with a basic t-shirt and jeans, or with dresses if you like.

Knitwear and sweaters

Sweaters and sweaters are indispensable items in winter. You can combine stylish knitwear with skinny jeans or short skirts. Oversized sweaters can also be combined with jackets and skinny jeans.

Stylish coats

Coats are winter pieces that are both stylish and warm. Instead of a classic jacket, jackets in different cuts and colors add vibrancy to winter combinations. They can be combined with red, yellow or mustard colors.

Hat and beret

A hat or beret that keeps your head warm on cold winter days also has an important place in street fashion. Hats in different colors and patterns complete your combination.

Booties and boots

Boots and boots that keep your feet warm in winter are also among the trends in street fashion. A stylish boot or boot can be combined with short skirts or skinny jeans.

Coats and jackets

In winter, coats and jackets are often preferred in street fashion in addition to coats. Leather jackets in particular are ideal for simple and stylish combinations.

How does street fashion relate to the high fashion industry?

Street fashion is also influenced by the haute couture industry and designers in this industry can take inspiration from street fashion.

Do Street Fashion Trends Change Every Season?

Yes, street fashion trends can change every season. Different styles and trends can emerge every year.

How to describe street fashion?

Street fashion emphasizes creativity, distinctive style and comfort. This style is effective in determining the dress style of common people.

Which products are popular in street fashion?

Popular streetwear items include casual sneakers, jeans, hoodies, crop tops, printed t-shirts and wide leg pants.

What kind of style does street fashion express?

Street fashion refers to an original and distinctive style. This style of clothing allows ordinary people to create their own style and emphasizes creativity, diversity and comfort.

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