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Urinary incontinence, or by its medical name, urinary incontinence is a variety of involuntary and uncontrollable urinary incontinence. The incidence of this condition increases with age. It may vary from person to person, while urinary incontinence is due to some people is for physical reasons. is seen as a mental illness in some people. It is normal due to stress. Urinary tract problems are often seen in spouses who are unable to have a sexual life. Urinary incontinence in men and women is one of the major problems in today’s social life. Stress incontinence, urinary incontinence that occurs after surgery, sagging organs in old age and stress, or urinary incontinence due to chronic diseases, degenerative diseases (Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Peripheral Neuropathy, MS Multiple Sclerosis) nerve damage; is based on a correct diagnosis. The main cause of abduction should be revealed with diagnosis and diagnostic methods; The most appropriate treatment methods for the patient should be evaluated and help to get rid of this problem.

Magnetic Seat Therapy, Strengthening Vaginal And Pelvic Muscles, Regulating Pelvic Floor, Regulating Innervation Threshold Potentials As A Palliative Method For Our Patients Who Cannot Have Surgery Other Than Surgical Methods, And Making Kegel Exercises Spontaneous From The Patient’s Chair with artificial force, regulation of bladder dysfunctions with stimulation In addition, we assist in their rehabilitation by providing a holistic integrative approach with aromatherapy, phytotherapy, Schüssler mineral therapy and acupuncture. Due to the placement of the sling / hanger / swing method developed by us, with minimally invasive intervention behind the retropubic bone, the well-tolerated bladder suspension is achieved in our patients by performing vaginal constrictions and lifts, vaginal reduction, cystocele and rectocele operations. Vagina reduction, vaginal constriction, clitoral filling, labial lip thickening, labial lip reduction and reconstruction are performed. Op. Dr. Muharrem Murat Yıldız said: “The possibility of treating the spouses together in terms of sexuality is provided. Genital reconstructive operations are performed to provide suitable coitus opportunities for both men and women.”

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