Subconscious or stimulating: the most common dreams!

The UK-based Brilliant British team collected data from Google searches and revealed the most common dreams worldwide from this data. The research also identified which dream was most questioned in which country. According to the results of the study, the most sought after dreams around the world are about snakes. Turkey is one of the first countries to conduct research on seeing snakes in dreams.

Accordingly, the phrase “seeing a snake in a dream” is searched 352 thousand times a month in Brazil and 214 thousand times a month in Turkey.

Besides Turkey and Brazil, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Iran, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Portugal and Oman are the countries most often associated with snakes.

According to dream experts, seeing or biting a snake represents hidden worries. The second most common dream with 17 countries is ‘tooth loss’. This dream is interpreted as a lack of self-confidence.


The second most researched dream in the world, after snakes, is about teeth falling out. According to the findings, a significant part of Western Europe, including the United Kingdom, is researching dreaming teeth falling out. Including the United Arab Emirates and North America.


The most common (researched) dreams were grouped as animals and nature, the human body, relatives, love and relationships, money and materiality, death. Accordingly, the most common animals were mice, spiders and squirrels. Here are the most wanted dreams by country…


Another interesting result of the research is that dreams about snakes are not only common in areas where reptiles are common, but also in areas where reptile species such as snakes are not common.

SNAKE: Turkey, Russia, Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt Kazakhstan, Oman, Portugal, Malta, Austria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Lithuania, Finland, Panama, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Trinadad & Tobago, Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay, Vietnam, Sinagpur, Laos, Nepal, India, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mozambique, Uganda, Kenya, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Congo, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Senegal , Ivory Coast, Brunei, Philippines, Taiwan, Israel, Mongolia.

TOOTH LOSS: USA, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Australia, Tajikistan, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Slovakia, Antigua and Barbuda.

OLD LOVE: Mexico, France, Togo, Madagascar, Japan.

MARRIAGE: Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Gabon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Algeria.

PREGNANCY: Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Belarus, Georgia, Indonesia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Tanzania, Morocco.

BABY: Jamaica, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname


Cut hair, money, sea, snow, squirrel, food, shoes, bear, chest, fish, sex, death, car, marriage, pigeon, grapes, crocodile, peacock, spider, mouse, lice, betrayal, hat, blood , fall into the water.


Although we can have an idea about dreams that are searched on the internet, there is a difference between dreams whose meaning is searched and the dreams that people often see with their unconscious effects.

Dreams, the stories our brains tell during sleep, have been the subject of many studies trying to understand the subconscious mind. Psychologist and dream specialist Dr Keith MT Hearne told us that dreams, especially those that suddenly wake you up in bed, are probably the best understood.

According to the expert, it is possible to evaluate dreams as symbolic messages or word games that come from your wise subconscious. In addition, the feeling that the dream leaves you after waking up, whether the dream is good or bad, is the clearest indicator for you to understand what it describes.

Some people even keep a dream diary for this and keep this diary by their bed so that the effect of the dream does not fade.

According to a survey conducted by Bed Sos, a UK-based mattress manufacturer, among 2,000 people, the most common dreams that contain clues about their subconscious mind at any given time are as follows.

Interestingly, according to surveys, one in 25 men (4%) had dreams about getting pregnant.

Men dream more about sex (53% vs. 44%) and fly (18% vs. 28%) than women.

Women dream of falling from heights more than men. (41% vs 48% in men)

Similarly, women dream more about falling teeth than men. (18% vs. 31%)


having sex (48%)
Falling from a high place (45%)
Being followed, chased by someone (37%)
Loss of teeth (26%)
Being at work (25%)
Arriving late for a place (23%)
Fly (22%)
Meeting a famous person (21%)
Being cheated on (20%)
Dreaming about demons or monsters – nightmares (18%)

After that, the most common subconscious effective dreams are as follows, although their percentages are even lower.

fall in love with someone (16%)
Can’t find the toilet (15%)
Bus, plane, etc. hijacking of a vehicle (15%)
die (14%)
Being pregnant (14%) – Interestingly, according to surveys, one in 25 men (4%) dreams of getting pregnant.
Being with a colleague (14%)
Paralysis during sleep (13%)
Being caught on an exam unprepared (13%)
Staying in a vehicle with a broken brake (12%)
Being robbed (9%)

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