Summer diarrhea warning from an expert: trigger for fatty and sugary foods

Claiming that the cause of diarrhea in infants and children is caused by polluted water, swimming pool, food stored in improper conditions or allergic factors, pediatric specialist Dr. Başak Tanır said: “Summer diarrhea is one of the diseases that we often see in children, especially in the summer period. While there are more viral or bacterial factors in infants and children, we see more diarrhea caused by polluted water, swimming pool, food stored in improper conditions or allergies.

Treatment depends on the cause of diarrhea

Dr. Dr. Tanir gave the following information about the measures to be taken with regard to diarrhoea: “First of all, it is very important that babies with diarrhea do not become dehydrated. It must be protected from water loss. Water loss is one of the factors that makes our diarrhea worse, prolongs the duration of the illness and causes hospitalizations. Therefore, fluid therapy must be performed correctly in our children. The fluid he takes in should be more than the fluid he expels through sweating or vomiting. The culprit must also be found. If the cause is viral or bacterial, we treat accordingly. If it is caused by contamination, the child’s diarrhea usually clears up when the contaminated food is expelled from the body. In this case, treatment is interrupted, but it is very important that the child is well fed until full recovery. Sufficient and correct moisture must be given. We should also give some salty foods. Fatty and sugary foods should be avoided as they may cause the child to have diarrhea for a prolonged period of time.

Sweating can accelerate water loss

Tanır explained that children with diarrhea, sweating and thus thirst increase with the heat. Tanır stated that the fluid balance in these children should be well regulated and said, “Children with diarrhea will sweat more in the heat, so the fluid loss becomes deeper. Therefore, the moisture balance must be maintained better. In such cases, probiotics are our strongest advocate. Probiotic drugs regulate the stomach and intestinal flora and make it pass faster. Zinc-containing drugs also regulate the intestinal mucosa, so that diarrhea can be overcome in a shorter time.” said.

Hygiene must be taken care of

Pointing out that attention should be paid to hygiene in the summer period, says Dr. Tanır gave the following information about the measures that can be taken against diarrhea: “We want children to pay attention to hand hygiene, especially in playgrounds and gardens. Foods such as creamy, milky foods, ice cream, which spoil in a short time should be purchased from reliable places. Attention should be paid to the storage conditions of perishable foods. Perishable foods, especially chicken, rice, and creamy foods, should be consumed fresh. Don’t keep waiting”

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