Summer fruits and their unknown benefits

ENG: It grows in almost every region of Turkey. Mulberry leaves are also used in silkworm production. There are 2 types of mulberry fruits: white and red (black mulberry). It can be eaten right on the branch without being processed, as well as molasses, pulp, marmalade and even sausage. In addition, dried mulberry can be eaten as a snack. It grows on its own without any care. My suggestion is that it is very suitable for breakfast, but I recommend that people with weight problems eat a small amount.

FIG: It is a fruit mainly grown in the Aegean region. It can be eaten without any processing, or it can be eaten by drying it, even in winter. It is suitable for breakfast and lunch. Since it soothes the intestines, it is beneficial to use both dry and fresh fruits, especially for those who suffer from constipation. Again, I recommend people with weight problems not to consume too much and consume it with yogurt or cheese.

CHERRY: There are many varieties in our country. It has analgesic and edema relieving properties. If you have a weight problem, it would be good to eat at most a handful before sunset with meals.

APRICOT: It is cultivated in many regions, especially in Malatya and its surroundings. Both the fruit and the seed are valuable. Bitter kernels are used in the pharmaceutical industry and sweet kernels are used both as a snack and in confectionery. It is used as fruit juice, jam, marmalade, pulp, sausage and dried apricots. It is very good for constipation. Again, I recommend having it with yogurt at breakfast and midday meals.

Watermelon: Although it is a very juicy fruit, contrary to popular belief, it is very difficult to digest. It has a very solid internal structure to protect the water it contains in the hot summer months under the sun. Therefore, it can cause bloating and sleep disturbances if eaten late at night. The ideal time to eat is breakfast, at lunch and in the afternoon with feta cheese and at most cut through a boat.

MELON: Melon is a difficult to digest fruit like watermelon. At the same time, since it is a very sweet fruit, I do not recommend consuming it much. In summer, it can be eaten at dinner instead of a small amount of dessert. It is mainly used in the ice cream industry. You can consume it with some yogurt to cool down in the evening.

PEACH: It is one of the sweetest fruits of the summer. It is used in fruit juice industry, jam, marmalade, ice cream, dessert preparation. Like apricot, the core is inedible. Our recommendation is that if you have a weight problem you should stay away for a while. If you want to consume it as a fruit, the best time to consume it is in the evening with yogurt for breakfast.

STRAWBERRY, raspberry, blackberry: it is one of the most popular summer fruits. However, if you have weight problems due to the high sugar content it contains, my suggestion is to consume fruits that you can consume in the afternoon or evening before dark, with yogurt or instead of jam and honey at your breakfast table.

GRAPE: It may be one of the must-have summer fruit products, but since it has a high sugar content like all other summer fruits, I advise you to consume it with breakfast or with yogurt in the evening before the sun goes down, which enhances our active life is.

Plum: Sweet and sour plum is a fruit that is very popular. Sour plums, in particular, are consumed abundantly as if there were no sugar in them. If you still have weight problems, it is better not to consume too much until you lose weight. In general, sour plum is a fruit that tastes better when consumed with very little salt.

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