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Claiming that the accumulation of sweat and staying on the skin for a long time creates a suitable environment for the reproduction of microorganisms, Op. Dr İsmail Evren said: “The genital area is an area where the sweat glands are dense and excessive sweating may be more common in this region in summer. The accumulation of sweat can create a humid environment, disrupt the balance of the genital flora and lead to infections. Genital infections are among the most common problems women face. Bacteria, fungi, viruses and other microorganisms naturally occurring in the genital area help the genital area function in a healthy way. This system, called the genital flora, is disturbed by the emergence of harmful microorganisms and this situation causes infections.

“Aqueous environments can cause the proliferation of microorganisms”

Dr. Evren stated that the use of the swimming pool and the sea during holidays also promotes infection. Dr. Evren said: “Especially if the pool water is not hygienic and disinfection is not taken care of, if the sea water is dirty and microbial, there will be an even more frequent increase in these infections.”

Recommendations against genital infection

Kiss. Dr İsmail Evren gave advice on the problem of genital infection that many women face. Evren said it is necessary to ensure that the pool and the sea for swimming are hygienic during the holiday season: “A cleaned and disinfected pool or seawater reduces the risk of contamination with microorganisms.”

Evren also made suggestions regarding the use of wet swimsuits and bikinis. Evren explained that wet clothing should be removed as soon as you get out of the water: “Wear clean and dry underwear immediately. Staying in a wet swimsuit or bikini for a long time can lead to the reproduction of microorganisms in a humid environment.

Kiss. Dr İsmail Evren explained that if possible, taking a shower right after getting out of the pool and sea will protect the body from possible microbes to prevent infections.

“Choose products that do not disturb the pH balance”

Evren said increasing the frequency of urination can also help get rid of microorganisms in the genital area. Evren suggested consuming plenty of water and stated that maintaining genital pH balance also reduces the risk of infection, saying “Prefer products that do not contain irritants, such as perfumed soaps, shower gels or cleaning products and that Do not disturb the pH balance of the vagina.”

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