Summer is approaching, they go to the swimming pool, pay attention

As the summer months approach, Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist is assisting. associate Dr Ömer Faik Sağun warned the citizens who would enter the pool. you’re right; He stated that external ear infections can occur due to water entering the ear in the pool, sea and shower. Sağun stressed that the pool water, which is not sure of its purity, is one of the main factors in such health problems.

‘Outer ear infection is inevitable’

Ömer Faruk Sağun stressed the need to be careful in swimming pools that are not sure of their cleanliness, saying: “The main reason for the frequent occurrence of the disease, which increases in the summer months and can cause serious health problems if left untreated , is the pool water that is not sure of its cleanliness. Although the external auditory canal is well protected and self-contained. Although it has a structure that can clean, various infections such as fungi, viruses and bacteria can affect this area. All kinds of factors that removing the protective oil layer that covers the outer ear canal causes bacteria to enter the skin and cause an outer ear infection.” The protective oil layer is damaged by those who try to clear the way. When swimming in polluted seas and pools that are not regularly maintained, an external ear infection becomes inevitable,” he said.

“In some patients, the pain is so severe that the person cannot open and close their mouth”

Sağın stated that the most disturbing symptom of inflammation is pain in the ear and said, “If you have hearing loss, blocked ears and pain, you should consult a doctor urgently. In some patients, the pain is so severe that it can make the person of even the opening and closing their mouth. The external auditory canal is swollen and filled with secretions. Patients may also feel pain during the examination because of the

“Veins with antibiotics and cortisone suitable for the patient are usually sufficient”

Ömer Faik Sağun emphasized that the treatment should be determined and applied according to the patient’s condition and said: “In the treatment of the disease, antibiotics and cortisone drops, chosen according to the patient, are usually sufficient. In some cases, ear care should be be performed by the doctor is necessary in addition to the treatment.In patients with a very swollen external auditory canal.Drops cannot be used.In these cases, the cotton wool placed in the external auditory canal is constantly moistened with drugs, which makes the treatment effective. “

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