Summer vacation suggestions for students from the expert

After an intensive teaching internship period, there is little time left for the summer holidays, which students eagerly await. Families are just as excited as kids for the 3 month vacation. So, how should students spend summer vacation when routines change, answers psychologist İrem Bengü Yılmazcan.

Psychologist İrem Bengü Yılmazcan, who stated that the holiday period offers students the opportunity to gain new experiences and learn, says that activities such as traveling, experiencing different cultures, taking up new hobbies or reading books increase students’ motivation. Yılmazcan continues: “New experiences ensure positive development in children and adolescents. Research shows that learning through experience nourishes the mind and makes it more sustainable. The summer months in particular are a great opportunity for children to gain new experiences. The child experiences the concept of balance, which he will learn with many formulas in a physics class by climbing a tree, and this experience becomes permanent in his mind. That is why it is important to encourage children as much as possible to engage in art, culture and nature activities during the summer holidays. These experiences during the holidays can contribute positively to the learning process by keeping the interest and curiosity of the students alive.”

Psychologist Yılmazcan stated that the summer semester also gives students the opportunity to improve their time management skills, saying that activities such as planning their own time, keeping a diary, setting specific goals during the holidays and working disciplined to achieve these goals regardless of age group, provide an opportunity to improve time management skills by keeping students motivated.
Several suggestions from child and youth psychologist İrem Bengü Yılmazcan according to the age group of children:

Primary School Students (ages 6-11): Games and Activities: Games and activities are very important for primary school children during the holiday season. Playing in parks, taking nature walks, doing physical activities such as cycling and swimming help children release their energy.

Reading Books: Encouraging children to read books, visiting libraries or bookstores, and giving children the chance to choose new books is both a fun activity and an improvement in their reading skills.

Artistic Activities: Activities that develop artistic and manual skills, such as visiting art galleries and museums, painting, creative writing, crafting, or playing a musical instrument help children explore their creativity and skills.

High school students (12-14 years):

Developing Hobbies: High school students can take time during the holiday season to develop their hobbies. They can follow workshops in areas of interest such as music, sports, literature and painting. In addition, it is very valuable for students in these age groups to get into the habit of keeping a diary.
Social Activities: Spending time with friends and maintaining social interactions are important for high school students. They can be encouraged to participate in social activities such as watching movies, picnicking, playing games.

Research and Discovery: High school students can research interesting topics or discover new ones during the holidays. Visiting places such as science centers, museums, art galleries or natural areas enriches students’ learning experiences.

High school students (15-18 years):

Internship or volunteer work: High school students can do an internship or volunteer work during the holiday season. This allows them to gain experience toward their career goals and develop a better understanding of their future choices.

Exam Preparation: High school students can use the holiday season to prepare for future exams. Students can create study schedules for entrance exams or other exams.
Personal development: High school students can focus on their personal development during the holidays. Planning activities such as learning new skills, participating in arts, culture, and sports activities, and improving leadership skills can be helpful for this age group.

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