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Baysal, “Neck, back, shoulder and common joint pain, stomach pain due to changes in the gastrointestinal system, swelling, gas, constipation and diarrhea, changes in appetite, irritability due to neuropsychiatric changes, headache, anxiety, sleep disturbances, skin, heart There is an increase in blood pressure and diabetes In the spring months there are changes in human metabolism due to changes in heat, light, humidity and ion changes in the air There is an increase in stomach upset or recurrence of stomach disorders, worsening in blood pressure and sugar regulation due to some hormonal changes. The change in exercise and eating habits in spring also causes spring fatigue.

Internal medicine specialist Dr. Serdal Baysal, walking outside, showering daily, drinking a lot, eating little and often, consuming drinks and foods rich in vitamins and minerals, going on vacation, pursuing hobbies, listening to music, using cigarettes, alcohol and caffeinated foods, relieve fatigue, so that it can be protected. Emphasize that regular exercise, stay away from stress and noise, stay away from magnetic environments, don’t talk on mobile phone for a long time, eat healthy, drink regularly and enough, and don’t consume too much fluids that boost our metabolism, such as cola, alcohol, tea, and caffeine can also prevent fatigue. Baysal continued:

“Dehydration and dehydration of our body are related to the level of thirst, but it causes serious health problems ranging from fatigue to coma. As regular exercise, morning or evening walks, cycling, gymnastics, nature walks can be done. It is important to pay attention nutrition to prevent spring fatigue As the body’s need for vitamins and minerals increases, fruits and vegetables should be consumed Daily 2-3 liters of fluids should be consumed due to the increased need for water in hot weather, alcoholic and caffeinated drinks should be reduced to a minimum as possible, foods containing carbohydrates should be consumed sparingly as they cause fatigue and carelessness.Instead of heavy meals, vegetables and olive oil should be preferred, and cooked meats should be consumed instead of roasted and grilled meats.Fatigue is not a disease but a complaint. Fatigue can be the first sign of many illnesses, so a health facility should be consulted in case of prolonged fatigue.”

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