Take note, those who have this complaint in Ramadan

Claiming that reflux is one of the most common diseases of all ages in our country and in the world, Gastroenterologist Specialist. Dr. Kemal Kul made important statements about the disease. Dr Kemal Kul said, “Reflux is the reflux of gastric acid from the stomach to the esophagus. Usually patients come to our clinic with complaints of burning sensation in the stomach, reflux of what they eat and a bitter taste in the mouth, and if these reflux complaints increase they can cause complaints such as chest pain. In fact, reflux can be confused with heart disease due to chest pain. When we talk about the symptoms of reflux, the most common are a burning sensation in the stomach, acidity, a bitter taste in the mouth, chest pain or regurgitation of food. Especially with bitter, spicy, fatty foods, chocolate and alcohol, the complaints increase more. A burning sensation after eating and spreading from the stomach to the throat is the most common symptom of reflux. Reflux is one of the most common diseases in our country and in the world, in addition to occurring in adults, it is also common in infants. It is helpful to take reflux symptoms seriously and get checked before the disease progresses.

“It is also very important to maintain our weight control”

About what people with reflux symptoms should pay attention to, Dr. Kemal Kul says: “We can reduce our reflux symptoms by making some changes in our lifestyle. Spicy, bitter, acidic, fatty foods should be avoided as they increase reflux. Products such as coffee, cigarettes and alcohol should be avoided as much as possible. We should not consume carbonated drinks. Chocolate also increases reflux symptoms due to the ingredients in it. Since we can reduce reflux symptoms by avoiding such foods, we should also pay attention to products that hit our stomach when we eat. Apart from this, it is also very important to ensure our weight control. As a result of the data obtained during your doctor’s diagnosis of reflux, applying the necessary diet programs positively affects the treatment process. While meals eaten in the evening cause more heartburn, reflux symptoms increase with the advent of Ramadan. To reduce these complaints, eat small portions at iftar and sahur, apart from the recommendations mentioned above. Steer clear of heavy foods, especially fried foods. Drink a lot of water. Be sure to consume protein-rich foods. Don’t eat too much food”.

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