TBV mobilizes for 63 thousand dialysis patients

World Kidney Day is put on the agenda each year with different topics and themes to draw attention to kidney health worldwide. In addition, countries can not only focus on a global theme, but also deal with different themes within their own priorities. TBV, World Kidney Day theme “Let’s be prepared for disasters, support sensitive sectors!” determined as. Studies under this theme concern 63,000 dialysis patients, dialysis center staff and indirectly their relatives, who are treated in 881 public and private dialysis centers in Turkey. TBV closely followed the process of the dialysis patients who reached the foundation regarding the earthquake disaster that occurred on February 6, 2023 and deeply shook the whole of Turkey, and also took on the task of coordinating access to treatment for patients. At the same time, TBV, who brought up the crush syndrome and what needs to be done about this problem to contribute to the search and rescue activities in the earthquake area, also donated dialysis materials to the region for the dialysis patients affected by the earthquake.


TBV chairman Timur Erk spoke about the earthquake education film they made for 63 thousand dialysis patients and the 3 big projects they started planning. TBV chairman Erk said: “Our goal is that 63 thousand dialysis patients benefit from this film. The work we will do in this process will focus on patients’ relatives and healthcare professionals, as well as dialysis patients. In addition, the painful process has left see that we need to be as prepared as possible for any situation and consider different action plans, which is why we are ready to move the 6-piece dialysis center placed in the container on the truck along with the associated infrastructure to wherever it is is needed, and we will be able to go there and have it up and running within 24 hours.”


Emphasizing that they are aware of the importance of permanent projects for the region and the people of the region, Erk said: “We have taken action for a permanent project and started collecting donations in this regard. In the region that showing the greatest need, as proposed by the ministry, Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam University 7-storey medical faculty has 10 meters.” We decided to set up a one-storey prefabricated dialysis unit with 1 unit. We couldn’t start right away because there are tents in the garden where earthquake victims live. When they get into the container, we will start immediately and finish it in 2-3 months and deliver it to the rectorate of the university,” he said.


In addition, Erk said that their project for an 8-class kindergarten has been completed in Hatay Antakya and said, “We have started making preliminary plans for the construction of an 8-class kindergarten in an Antakya neighborhood where the children of victims of the earthquake the most,” Erk said.

TBV Ahmet Ermiş Dialysis Center Chief Physician and Nephrology Specialist Dr. In addition to the educational film made with the narration by Bilal Görçin, brochures with nutrition and additional measures for chronic kidney patients in disasters and Prof. Dr. The 29-page booklet ‘Earthquakes and dialysis patients’, signed by Mehmet Şükrü Sever, was also on the agenda. . In addition, TBV, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Şükrü Sever has scheduled two separate training projects on March 12, 2023, one on “Introduction to Disaster Medicine and Crush Syndrome” for doctors, and the other on “Earthquake and Dialysis Patients” for dialysis patients and dialysis center staff . Trainings will be conducted online through the doctor club platform across Turkey.

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