Tefal Foam Turkish Coffee Maker Notes and Features

Tefal sparkling coffee pot

The coffee pot of the Tefal Foamy Turkish coffee maker is a very easy to use piece with a capacity of 4 people. You can put coffee and water directly into the machine. You can clean this piece, which you will find very comfortable in cleaning, with water and a soft sponge immediately after brewing. It is recommended not to touch the inner bottom of the coffee pot with metal, sharp and hard materials.

Tefal Sparkling Technical specifications

  • Capacity of 4 cups
  • Operation at the touch of a button
  • Acoustic warning system
  • 280ml water capacity
  • water level indicator
  • overfill protection
  • 735W power
  • shut down automatically
    Tefal Foam Technical Specifications

Using the Tefal foam coffee maker

It is recommended to use the Tefal Foam Turkish Coffee Machine, which offers great convenience in making coffee, by following these steps.

  1. Before you start using the appliance, make sure that the coffee pot and the appliance are both clean and dry.
  2. Before placing the coffee pot in the appliance, add as many cups of coffee and water as you want and mix.
  3. Then make sure that you insert the coffee pot completely into the appliance.
  4. After connecting, select one of the embers or normal brewing options and touch the button.
  5. You will receive an audible warning when the brewing process is complete.
  6. After the acoustic warning, you can immediately remove the coffee pot from the machine and pour it into the cups.

Using the Tefal foam coffee maker

Tefal sparkling reviews

Tefal sparkling reviews

👤 *** ***: I bought it for my dowry, but when it first arrived I tried it to see if there was a problem. It tasted great and was a very frothy coffee. In addition, since I don’t like very bitter coffee, I brew less coffee according to my own scale. I wish there were more cups, but the number of cups other brands always produce is the same. I only regret the color a little. I bought gray. But I tried the machine so I didn’t bother to change it. Those who like more vibrant colors should turn to other colors. I especially liked it when I saw purple in the store afterwards. I pay close attention to reviews when buying a product. That’s why I wanted to write down my thoughts.

👤 *** ***: The color is exactly as we see it, I like it very much, it came intact, it was packed very well, thank you very much to the store.

👤 *** ***: I like it a lot. The Roasted Coffee mode really gives the feeling of being put on embers. Makes delicious frothy coffee. It is very nice that 4 cups of coffee can be made at the same time. I also tried dibek coffee, it also makes it perfect. If it is made on the stove in the coffee pot, it will stay under the residue for a long time or if not, the coffee will be evenly distributed.

👤 *** ***: I had a little problem during the delivery of the cargo, but the product is really beautiful, I bought it for my dowry, thank you.

👤 *** ***: We used a sub-model of this at work and luckily we overfilled the coffee and forgot about it, so it spilled everywhere. After cleaning, drying and working again, we came to the conclusion that Tefal is the best in this industry. I went to buy a new coffee machine for my house and I chose Foamy. I chose this model because I had no problem putting water and coffee in it. It looks stylish on the counter and doesn’t take up much space. It is easy to use, the foam changes depending on the amount and quality of the coffee you make with the scale. If you use carboy water and boiled and cooled water as water, the foam will be less. Tap water – except hot tap water – allows you to drink very foamy coffee. I hope it will last a long time. First assessment successful.

👤 *** ***: The lather is really good. The only minus is that when you push the coffee pot to the socket to run it, it goes straight to working position in the evening and you have to turn it off when washing. The coffee pot is also plastic, but it has a stylish look, does not take up space and has many color options.

👤 *** ***: Simply a great product. The package arrived quickly and was very well packaged. I tried it as soon as it arrived and it was a very frothy coffee. Who wants to buy can buy without hesitation Thank you for the fast and solid delivery.

👤 *** ***: It makes great frothy coffee and it tastes really good. There’s also the option of embers, but there’s not much coffee in embers, honestly I think it’s made for nothing.

👤 *** *** : I bought it for my dowry and made my first try Absolutely perfect, very tasty and frothy tefal quality with the roast coffee option.

👤 *** ***: It came quickly, I like the color very much, the price is also affordable.

👤 *** ***: The coffee foams well and doesn’t taste like it’s burnt. I bought it while it was on sale and it met my expectations. Choose the plastic coffee pot accordingly. It was delivered smoothly and quickly.

👤 *** ***: There is not much to say about the product, it is excellent, I think I recommend it to everyone.

👤 *** ***: It’s very good, I recommend it without any problem, it normally tastes good on embers, it makes a very nice foam without any hassle.

👤 *** ***: Nice product, it cooks coffee well, it has a lot of foam, I am very satisfied.

👤 *** ***: It does not have its own water tank, the coffee pot is plastic, it is very delicious to drink, the material quality is very good.


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