Tefal illuminated glass kettle Features and reviews

The quality, design and performance of the items we use in our daily lives are very important to us. Because thanks to these details, the product we use makes our lives easier. For this reason, the Tefal Light Glass Kettle easily meets these characteristics, not only as a kettle, but also with its natural and high-quality materials. We have examined in detail all the points of interest about the Tefal Işıklı glass kettle, which attracts attention with its superior technology and modern design.

Features of the Tefal illuminated glass kettle

power 2200W
Capacity 1.7 L
Heat setting No
Weight 1.2 kg
Security lock There is
Colour Transparent

Tefal illuminated glass kettle

Tefal Lighted Glass Kettle is designed to adapt to all types of kitchens thanks to its transparent structure. In addition to its superior performance, this versatile device also manages to satisfy its users with its fast heat-up feature. The product, which allows you to see and track the amount of water, also offers ease of use.

Here are all the details about the Tefal Light Glass Kettle:

Tefal illuminated glass kettle Technical specifications

  • 2200 Watt heating power
  • 1.7 liter water capacity
  • transparent color
  • glass material
  • Water tracking indicator
  • 360 degree rotating base
  • LED light function
  • Modern and stylish design

Tefal Illuminated Glass Kettle Capacity

Capacity 1.7 L
Temperature display No
Water indicator There is

The Tefal Lighted Glass Kettle easily meets your hot water needs for your family or friends thanks to its 1.7 liter capacity. This high capacity comes in handy if you are with several people in the house or if you are going to cook a large meal. It also saves time by refilling the water less often.

Tefal illuminated glass kettle design

Tefal illuminated glass kettle

Illuminated Glass Kettle manages to get full marks from its users thanks to its stylish and modern design. The transparent structure of the heater, which is designed with natural glass material, offers ease of use, allowing you to view the boiling water and check for contamination or sediment. In addition, boiling water is accompanied by a colored light, so you can easily see that the water is boiling due to the moving structure.

Tefal Illuminated Glass Kettle Performance

The Tefal Lighted Glass Kettle helps water to boil quickly thanks to its 2200 watts of power. In addition, safe and practical use can be achieved with the kettle’s automatic on/off button. The device, which switches off automatically when the water boils, waits to be heated up again. While this feature pleases you in terms of saving electricity, it also prevents accidents and offers versatile use.

Tefal Illuminated Glass Kettle Size

Width 19cm
Depth 30cm
Weight 1.2 kg

Tefal Light Glass Kettle is very easy to use thanks to its dimensions of 19 cm wide and 30 cm deep. Plus, thanks to its 360-degree rotatable base, it can be taken anywhere wirelessly. This makes it easy to use in any desired environment. At the same time, the fact that it weighs 1.2 kg supports the light structure of the product. So your hand won’t get tired while wearing it.

Advantages of Tefal illuminated glass kettle

Tefal Light Glass Kettle stands out for its many advantages. Water capacity of 1.7 liters, easy filling thanks to the wide opening, automatic on-off function, anti-scale filter and help to open the lid ensure ease of use. The LED light on the housing helps you easily check whether the water is boiling or not. In addition, the compact size contributes to easy storage on your counter or cabinet and does not take up unnecessary space.

Tefal illuminated glass kettle

Disadvantages of the Tefal illuminated glass kettle

As for the disadvantages of Tefal Işıklı Glass Kettle, we can say that the glass material of the product makes some users nervous in terms of use. Because for some users, the product made of glass is impractical, as it can break, for example.

Tefal Light Glass Kettle User Reviews

Tefal illuminated glass kettle

Here are the positive and negative comments of those who use Tefal Light Glass Kettle:

💬 I decided to buy a Tefal Glass Kettle 1.7 L, the price is a bit high, but it makes people happy when you use it, it doesn’t have a very disturbing noise and it also heats the water early.

💬 It has a very modern look. I like it a lot. The price is very reasonable compared to other sites. The product has a high quality and stylish design. I bought it for my dowry. Thank you.

💬 The product is very stylish and not rough as it looks in the picture, it is more aesthetic.

💬 I have used many other brands, but they are not as good in quality. We have been using it daily for a month now. We were very satisfied.

💬 Hello, we have met another aesthetic and quality product from Tefal. Absolutely perfect. It can be taken easily.

💬 Great product. Quality that can be bought without thinking. I use it a lot, it’s been almost 1 year.

💬 Deviating from the product image, a model came with a metal mouth. In addition to that, there is no problem like the lid not closing completely, which is mentioned in some comments. There is also no plastic smell. It works quite quietly. It boils 1.7 liters of water in 5 minutes. It turns itself off about 5 seconds after the water starts to boil. I advise.

💬 Really cool beautiful kettle. I used the beko product before. The sound could even be heard from above. This product, which I bought with fear, works very, very quietly. I think it’s a great product. You can get it easily.

💬 Visually it is very stylish, but the plastic part under the cover still has no smell for 5-6 days. Dissatisfied.

💬 Not suitable for Tefal quality. I expected the material quality to be higher. Lower priced products from other similar brands may be preferred.

Scoring and rating

Tefal Işıklı Glass kettle brings water to the boil quickly with its 2200 watts of power. In addition, with the automatic on/off button, it automatically detects when the water is boiling and switches itself off. Thus, it provides a safe use for you. Thanks to the anti-scale filter, it maintains the quality of the water and guarantees clean water for delicious tea, coffee and hot drinks. In addition, the transparent design of the product is another striking feature. Our rating will be 8 out of 10 for the Tefal Işıklı glass kettle, which satisfies its users in many ways.

In this part of our content, we answer frequently asked questions about the Tefal Light Glass Kettle kettle.

What is the capacity of the Tefal Işıklı glass kettle?

Tefal Işıklı Glass Kettle has a capacity of 1.7 L. This allows you to heat enough water for a nice cup of tea or coffee with family and friends.

Is the glass body of the Tefal Işıklı Glass Kettle fragile?

The Tefal Işıklı glass kettle is made of glass that is highly resistant to thermal shock. However, the glass body can break in cases such as being dropped or exposed to impact. It is also important at this point to be careful when using the kettle and avoid dropping or bumping it.

How do you clean the Tefal Işıklı Glass Kettle?

  • Remove the plug from the socket and wait for it to cool down.
  • Clean the glass body of the kettle with a soft cloth or sponge.
  • Clean the kettle’s water tank and filter regularly.

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