Tefal Maestro Plus FV1842 User Reviews and Features

With the Tefal FV1842 Maestro iron, you can forget about ironing problems from now on. With its powerful performance and ease of use, this iron can handle even the most stubborn creases at home with ease. Thanks to its ergonomic design and unique features, ironing is now also a pleasure. To make your life even easier, the Tefal FV1842 Maestro iron is ready to give you the best ironing experience. When you’re ready, let’s get to know this wonderful iron up close.

Tefal Maestro Plus FV1842 Steam Iron Review

power 2700 watts
Weight 1.18 kg
Vapor pressure 40gr/min
Shock Vapor Pressure 130 grams
Water reservoir 270ml

Tefal Maestro Plus FV1842 Features

  • 2500 watts of power
  • 40 grams of continuous steam per minute
  • 130 grams of steam burst per minute
  • 8 bar pressure level
  • Automatic shut-off function
  • Large 270 ml water tank
  • Anti-limescale technology
  • Stylish and modern design

Tefal FV1842 Maestro iron stands out for its powerful performance and ease of use. With a weight of only 1.18 kg, this iron offers a perfect ironing experience on all types of fabrics.

Thanks to its ceramic soleplate, the Tefal FV1842 Maestro iron puts an end to friction and sticking problems on fabrics. In addition, the iron with a power of 2500 watts effortlessly removes even stubborn creases. This makes the ironing process faster and more efficient.
The ergonomic design of the Tefal FV1842 Maestro iron offers users a more comfortable ironing experience. Because the iron is designed to fit your hand perfectly, hand fatigue is kept to a minimum, even with prolonged use.

In addition, thanks to its 1.95-meter long cable, you can also easily use it when you’re not near sockets. The Tefal FV1842 Maestro iron gives confidence to its users with its 2-year warranty.

Tefal Maestro Plus FV1842 Security

Tefal FV1842 Maestro iron offers many functions for spotless laundry. The anti-drip protection protects the fabric by preventing water stains, even when ironing at low temperatures, ensuring flawless results. This function offers a great advantage, especially when ironing delicate fabrics.

In addition, the smart automatic shut-off function of the Tefal FV1842 Maestro iron is also very useful. If the iron is accidentally left unattended, it will switch off automatically, ensuring safety. It is designed to shut off automatically after 8 minutes if the iron is left on the heel. If left on the soleplate or on the side, it takes only 30 seconds for the iron to switch off. This feature is extremely important, especially for people with a busy schedule and a rush. Tefal FV1842 Maestro iron also eliminates friction and adhesion problems on fabrics thanks to its ceramic soleplate.

Tefal Maestro Plus FV1842 Steam Pressure

Tefal Maestro Plus FV1842 shock steam power is at a very high level with 8 bar. Thanks to this function, it easily removes even the most stubborn creases and makes the laundry look smooth and neat.

Turbo steam power offers fast and effective ironing at 130 gr/min. Turbo steam power, an ideal option especially for thick fabrics and difficult creases, saves time.

The Tefal Maestro Plus FV1842 iron offers users great convenience when ironing delicate fabrics with a normal steam power of 40 gr/min. This function is ideal for fabrics that need to be ironed at low temperatures, such as silk and other delicate fabrics.

Tefal Maestro Plus FV1842 Water Tank

Tefal Maestro Plus FV1842 iron offers its users a long-lasting ironing experience with a 270 ml water tank. This function saves time by not having to refill the water often. The steam power, which can be adjusted to the ironed fabric, completes the ironing process quickly and practically without interrupting it thanks to the large water tank.

Tefal Maestro Plus FV1842 Calc Clean

The anti-calc system of the Tefal Maestro Plus FV1842 iron extends the life of your iron by preventing calc deposits. So you can always use a high-quality iron. In addition, thanks to the anti-calc system, less lime residue forms on ironed clothes, so that your clothes stay clean and fresh for longer. Thanks to this iron, which offers both safe and economical use, it is possible to say goodbye to all the problems you experience due to limescale.

Tefal Maestro Plus FV1842 Dimensions and weight

The Tefal Maestro Plus FV1842 iron is 17 cm high, 29 cm wide and 12.2 cm deep. The weight of this iron, which does not put pressure on your wrists, is 1.18 kilograms. These dimensions ensure an ergonomic use by allowing the iron to be easily applied to all kinds of clothing and textile products. In addition, thanks to its minimal dimensions, the iron is very easy to store and transport.

Tefal Maestro Plus FV1842 reviews

👤 I researched many products and they said that kettle irons are too heavy, I thought about buying something light. I came across Tefal. My friend has used it for 6 months and he is very satisfied, I also use it with love, I advise you to buy it without hesitation.

👤 This prize was bought without thinking. Heavy irons are not necessary with such a boiler. Same power, same steam. Like ironing. It’s not worth investigating and worrying about.

👤 Wrinkle removal is successful. We did not encounter much dripping water. It is very light and comfortable to use, I like it very much.

👤 Many people have said that the iron leaks water. If you lay the iron flat with the steam button on, all the water will flow, but if you turn off the steam button, the water will not flow. We are generally satisfied. I advise.

👤 The quality of Tefal showed itself again. Although I used Tefal before, I used different irons to be handy in between, but I was very angry about the time spent ironing. I will not be surprised by Tefal anymore. I bought this model by thoroughly researching and comparing.

Our final decision

Based on my own experience, I can say that the iron Tefal Maestro Plus FV1842 is quite powerful. Thanks to the 2400 watts of power, ironing is very fast and effective. This makes it possible to get more work done in less time.

The iron’s anti-calc function is also very useful. Thanks to this function, the scale that has accumulated in the iron can be easily removed without compromising the performance of the iron. This extends the life of the iron.

In addition, the soleplate of the Tefal Maestro Plus FV1842 iron has a very durable and scratch-resistant structure. This offers protection against accidents that can happen during ironing.

The vertical steam function of the iron also works very well. The vertical steam function is especially useful for ironing large textiles such as curtains and chair covers.

Finally, the Tefal Maestro Plus FV1842 iron has an ergonomic design. The handle of the iron is very comfortable to hold and ensures comfort, even during prolonged use. All these features prove why the iron is so easy to use.

In this section of our content, we have included frequently asked questions about the Tefal Maestro Plus FV1842 steam iron.

How many watts is the Tefal Maestro Plus FV1842 iron?

Tefal Maestro Plus FV1842 iron has a power of 2400 watts. Thanks to this function, it is not neglected to save energy by carrying out a fast and effective ironing process.

What features does the Tefal Maestro Plus FV1842 iron have?

The Tefal Maestro Plus FV1842 iron has many useful functions such as an anti-calc system, vertical steam function, automatic switch-off function, scratch-resistant soleplate and water spray function.

How do you clean the Tefal Maestro Plus FV1842 iron?

Tefal Maestro Plus FV1842 iron is very easy to clean. After the iron has cooled down, clean it with a damp cloth. In addition, the scale deposits in the iron can be easily cleaned thanks to the anti-calc function.

For which materials can the Tefal Maestro Plus FV1842 iron be used?

Tefal Maestro Plus FV1842 iron can be used for all types of clothing and textile products. You iron different materials such as cotton, wool, linen, silk and synthetic fabrics.

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