Tefal Turbo Pro FV5696 Features and User Reviews

The ironing process is very important for the correct wearing and use of clothes such as dresses, shirts and trousers. Of course, it is extremely important to use a quality iron during this process. The Tefal Turbo Pro FV5696 steam iron is designed to be an extremely assertive option in this regard. This iron, which stands out for its powerful performance and useful functions, allows you to iron your clothes perfectly at home. When you are ready, let’s take a look together at the important points about the Tefal Turbo Pro FV5696.

Tefal Turbo Pro FV5696 Steam Iron Review

power 3000 watts
Weight 1.45 kg
Vapor pressure 50gr/min
Shock Vapor Pressure 270 grams
Water reservoir 350ml

Tefal Turbo Pro FV5696 Features

  • 2500 watts of power
  • 40 grams of continuous steam per minute
  • 130 grams of steam burst per minute
  • 8 bar pressure level
  • Automatic shut-off function
  • Large 270 ml water tank
  • Anti-limescale technology
  • Stylish and modern design

Tefal Turbo Pro FV5696 saves you time by heating up quickly and practically with its 3000 Watt power. Thanks to the Durilium Airglide Autoclean Sole, the ironing process is now much more comfortable and effortless. Number 1 in smoothness, this special sole maintains its smoothness like the first day, and thanks to the Autoclean function, it prevents you from encountering the problem of stains over time. It is possible to enjoy both performance and modernity with this iron, which reveals the impressive combination of gold and black.

Tefal Turbo Pro FV5696 Security

Tefal Turbo Pro FV5696 is designed to prevent accidental accidents when left unattended, thanks to its automatic shut-off function. If the iron is placed vertically, it will turn off automatically in just 8 minutes, ensuring your safety. What’s more, if the soleplate remains in contact with the ground or on its side, it shuts itself off in just 30 seconds, protecting both you and your home. Thanks to these features, it not only ensures your safety, but also saves energy. The special anti-drip technology prevents you from encountering unexpected and unsightly water stains on your clothes.

Tefal Turbo Pro FV5696 Vapor Pressure

Tefal Turbo Pro FV5696 Vapor Pressure

Tefal Turbo Pro FV5696, a magnificent iron that takes the ironing process to a higher level, with which you can effortlessly remove all creases thanks to the continuous steam of 50 g/min. In this way, the ironing process is now more practical and easier to complete.

The amount of turbo steam of 270 grams ensures that even the most stubborn creases are opened effortlessly, so that you tackle every crease more than necessary. Thanks to this iron, which also has a vertical ironing function, it is also possible to ventilate your clothes and iron more comfortably.

Tefal Turbo Pro FV5696 Water Tank

Tefal Turbo Pro FV5696 Water Tank

Tefal Turbo Pro FV5696 has a large water tank with a capacity of 350 ml. Thanks to the transparent reservoir of this iron, which allows you to iron undisturbed, you can easily keep an eye on the water level and indicate when you need to refill water. In this way it is also possible to achieve perfect and ideal results without any interruption of your ironing process.

Tefal Turbo Pro FV5696 Calc Clean

Tefal Turbo Pro FV5696 steam iron offers long-lasting steam performance thanks to Tefal’s specially designed and removable calc remover. This way, your iron will work without tiring even during prolonged use and you will prevent limescale deposits on your clothes.

Tefal Turbo Pro FV5696 Size and weightTefal Turbo Pro FV5696 Size and weight

Tefal Turbo Pro FV5696 has a compact and ergonomic design with a height of 152 mm, a width of 310 mm and a depth of 151 mm. Moreover, with its weight of 1.45 kg, it offers transport and ease of use for the users.

Tefal Turbo Pro FV5696 User Reviews

👤 I couldn’t believe the product has great steam power, it heats up really fast, it irons really well. I was really satisfied.

👤 I bought the product for my friend’s dowry, her mother used it before and she was very happy and wanted to buy it again. My friend likes to use it too, I recommend it.

👤 I have not experienced any spilling or dripping. The steam level is sufficient, it also quickly opens the wrinkles, it does not get tired at all. I recommend it to everyone.

👤 The product is as described, good quality, irons very well. Good thing I have it. Whether for steaming or ironing, it is a very good device. I recommend it to those who are considering it. You can get it with peace of mind.

👤 The color and features are amazing, I bought it for a dowry, I recommend it. The size is slightly larger than other irons, but the performance is great.

Our final decision

Thanks to the powerful steam output of the Tefal Turbo Pro FV5696, ironing is very easy. Thanks to the intense steam, fabrics are ironed much faster and more effectively, and even stubborn creases can be easily removed with the extra steam.

In addition, the fast warm-up time of the Tefal Turbo Pro FV5696 is also very user-friendly. From the moment you switch on the iron, it is ready for use in a short time and it also speeds up the ironing process.

The water tank of Tefal Turbo Pro FV5696 is also quite large and handy. This way you don’t have to add water often during ironing. You can also clean the iron less often, thanks to the anti-calc system.

The handle is comfortable and has anti-slip properties, which makes you feel comfortable even during prolonged use.

In this section of our content, we have included frequently asked questions about the Tefal Turbo Pro FV5696 steam iron.

What are the main features of Tefal Turbo Pro FV5696?

Tefal Turbo Pro FV5696 stands out due to features such as high steam production, fast heating time, strong basic structure and anti-calc system.

What are the steam settings of Tefal Turbo Pro FV5696?

Tefal Turbo Pro FV5696 is equipped with different steam settings such as vertical steam, dense steam and extra steam. Thanks to these settings, it manages to provide an impressive ironing experience, both in terms of use and performance.

How to clean Tefal Turbo Pro FV5696?

For cleaning Tefal Turbo Pro FV5696;

  • Wait for the iron to cool down.
  • Empty the water tank.
  • Clean the soleplate of the iron with a wet cloth
  • Clean the inside of the iron with the anti-calc system.

What is the warranty period of Tefal Turbo Pro FV5696?

Tefal Turbo Pro FV5696 is usually sold with a 2-year warranty. However, this warranty period may vary depending on the place and country of purchase.

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