Tefal Ultra Mini features and reviews

With modern life, bread consumption has a very high place in our daily life. Bread is an indispensable part of our tables at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Designed for bread lovers, the Tefal Ultra Mini toaster also attracts attention for its practical use and compact size. In this content, we have examined in detail the curious points such as the capacity, design and performance of the Tefal Ultra Mini Toaster for you. When you’re ready, let’s take a look at all the features of this versatile toaster.

Tefal Ultra Mini features

power 700 watts
Capacity 2
Roast setting 6
Weight 0.81 kg
Equipment Stainless steel
Colour Gray

Tefal ultra mini toaster

As proof of its name, Tefal Ultra Mini is designed in a very compact and minimal format. In addition to the stylish design of the product, its functional properties also help it to have a user-friendly shape.

Here are all the details about the Tefal Ultra Mini Toaster:

Tefal Ultra Mini Technical specifications

  • 700 watts of frying power
  • 2 frying slots
  • Automatic shut-off function
  • 6 different baking modes
  • grey color
  • Compact and minimal design
  • 0.81kg weight
  • Scroll up function

Tefal Ultra Mini Capacity

Capacity 2
crumb tray There is
Scroll up There is

The Tefal Ultra Mini Toaster offers an ideal use for families thanks to its capacity of 2 slices of bread. In addition to the size that can easily fit in a small kitchen, it has a functional panel support for users. This way your bread can always be tasty

Tefal Ultra Mini design

Tefal ultra mini

Thanks to its modern and stylish design, the Tefal Ultra Mini easily adapts to any kitchen. It does not fail to give the product a modern look while providing convenience thanks to its gray outer surface and easy-to-clean structure. In addition, the removable crumb tray draws attention as another point that facilitates the cleaning process.

Tefal Ultra Mini roasting mode

Roast setting 6
Automatic shutdown There is
Defrost There is

Tefal Ultra Mini Toaster is produced with support for 6 different toast settings. Thanks to these settings, it is possible to adjust the degree of browning of your loaves to your own taste. In addition, the stop/eject button allows you to stop the frying process at any time. So it helps you save energy.

Tefal Ultra Mini Performance

Designed with a power of 700 watts, the Tefal Ultra Mini Toaster practically heats up and ensures fast and even browning of slices of bread. The machine’s slide-up function also makes it easier to get to the toasted loaves, raising the loaf and making it a versatile point of use.

Tefal Ultra Mini format

Weight 0.81 kg
Width 17cm
Depth 18.4cm

Tefal Ultra Mini Toaster; It is 17 cm wide, 18.4 cm deep and weighs 0.81 kg. With these functions, the machine, which you can easily use in the kitchen, does not take up much space and you can take it anywhere.

Tefal Ultra Mini benefits

Tefal ultra mini

The Tefal Ultra Mini toaster offers an economical use for you thanks to its ease of use, compact size and roasting settings. In addition, the removable crumb tray offers practical use for cleaning. However, thanks to the heating power of 700 watts, it is quickly heated up and ready for use. At the same time, the light structure of the product helps to get an ergonomic shape.

Disadvantages of Tefal Ultra Mini

The drawbacks of the Tefal Ultra Mini are that it only offers two slices of toast capacity due to its small size. This capacity may not be sufficient for large families or large groups. At the same time, the outer surface of the product remains hot for a while after frying, which makes it unsuitable for some users.

Tefal Ultra Mini User Reviews

Tefal ultra mini

Here are the positive and negative comments from Tefal Ultra Mini users:

💬 A very handy product. The size is perfect. Ideal for 2 people. If you wait a while, it can serve 4-6 people. Its toasting range allows it to toast wide, thick slices of bread. I was very satisfied. I advise.

💬 The product is very useful, but the bread rises when you press the stop button very lightly.

💬 It’s so perfect. It is very easy to toast bread every morning, my daughter loves it. I look at the comments. Thank you

💬 When it arrived I tried it right away and the toast warmed up nicely. I also prefer that it doesn’t take up much space.

💬 Small and very functional, I recommend. A beautiful, stylish, handy product that takes up little space on the counter.

💬 I bought it with Tefal quality and at a discounted price. I am very satisfied. Cheaper than many brands, but really good tool. Roasting differs from machine to machine.

💬 The design of the product is very beautiful, the dimensions are ideal. Although it is small, you can heat 4 loaves of bread at the same time and the loaves do not burn. The only drawback is that it is stainless steel, so you should not touch the machine after roasting, it will get hot. I recommend it, it is a very successful product in terms of value for money

💬 It is easy to bake and light in material. The only downside is that the white bread has to be sliced ​​quite thin compared to the sliced ​​loaves with a bread rack.

💬 It is very difficult to clean the room. Bread of all thicknesses does not go in. It is very sensitive, as if it could break at any moment.

💬 We bought the product as a good brand, we used the same brand before. But putting bread in this incoming product is a separate issue. The grille section is too narrow.

Scoring and rating

The Tefal Ultra Mini toaster is practical thanks to its compact size and toaster settings. The removable crumb tray makes it easy to clean the machine, while the slide-on function makes it easy to remove toast. Ideally sized for small families, students or single residents, this toaster may not provide enough capacity for large families or crowded homes. Considering all these features, our rating for the Tefal Ultra Mini Toaster will be a 7 out of 10.

In this part of our content we answer frequently asked questions about the Tefal Ultra Mini Toaster.

How many slices of bread can the Tefal Ultra Mini toaster toast?

The Tefal Ultra Mini toaster has the capacity to toast only two slices of bread.

What functions does the Tefal Ultra Mini toaster have?

Tefal Ultra Mini Toaster has features such as adjustable browning levels, stop/eject button, removable crumb tray and sliding function.

How many watts is the Tefal Ultra Mini?

The Tefal Ultra Mini toaster has a power of 700 watts. Thanks to this high power, it heats up quickly and prepares your loaves in no time.

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