Termessos Ancient City became a frequent destination for history and nature lovers

It is known as the only city where Alexander the Great was unable to cross the walls during his campaign in the east. Antalyain Termessos old townWith its history and nature, it welcomes its visitors in every season.

The old city, near Döşemealtı district, attracts attention with its necropolis areas, sarcophagi, structures, theater, wildlife and endemic plants.

with strong defense “The city that Alexander the Great could not occupy” The ancient city of Termessos, which has left its mark on history as a Turkish city, is notable for its gigantic columns, rock tombs, sarcophagi, the site resembling an eagle’s nest and intertwined with nature.

Local and foreign tourists visit Termessos, one of the most pristine ancient cities in Turkey, where no excavations have been carried out until now due to its location on the top of Mount Güllük.

Visitors going to the region have the opportunity to view Antalya from the theater on the steep rocks, which they can reach on foot, to examine the region’s flora, listen to the sounds of birds and see wildlife , especially mountain goats.

According to the data of the Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism, the ancient city of Termessos, where nature and history meet, was visited by 25 thousand 658 tourists in 2021 and last year by 48 thousand 527 local and foreign tourists.

The city, which received 16,348 guests in the four months of this year, Tentative List of UNESCO World Heritage Siteslies in.


Akdeniz University Faculty of Arts, Head of Archeology Department, Prof. Dr. Isa Kizgut said that the ancient city of Termessos was an important city that served as the capital of the Pisidian cultural region.

Kızgut pointed out that two dissertation studies were conducted in Termessos and said:

“Most of the exposed inscriptions have been read. There is some information, but there are excavations that will reveal all the facts. There have been applicants, but the excavation has not been done. You cannot cut a branch or even a leaf because it is a national park. It is within the boundaries of the National Park, which makes it difficult to obtain an excavation permit. The geographical structure is very difficult. There is a lower, middle and upper city. Due to the difficult conditions, it requires large finances. It is a large area, the cemetery is two or three times the size of the city. Everyone’s eyes are focused there. They study all of Pisidia, but cannot study the capital. Termessos is a place that never loses. It also attracts tourists, the number of visitors is always increasing.”

Kızgut pointed out the historical importance of the region and said: “Imagine Alexander the Great departing from Macedonia and taking all the land with him to India. Termessos is one of the few places he could not take. Because it is difficult to reach and leave. Alexander’s army has heavy weapons, but he struggled a lot. There are those who say it takes months, “he said.

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