Test report Vestel 55UA9600 LED TV

With the developing technology, televisions are becoming more sophisticated. Vestel, one of the brands that pioneered these developments, offers a dizzying viewing experience with its television model 55UA9600. With its large 55-inch screen, Ultra HD 4K resolution, smart features and much more, Vestel 55UA9600 offers viewers a realistic and rich viewing experience.

Vestel 55UA9600 Features

Screen size 55″
Image 4K
Solution 3840×2160
Android TV There is
SmartTV There is

Vestel 55UA9600 LED TV

The most outstanding feature of Vestel 55UA9600 is that it is equipped with Smart TV features. Thanks to the Smart TV function, you can connect to the Internet and access many different applications. The sound quality is also quite impressive, allowing users to have an excellent experience while watching their favorite movies and TV shows.

Here are all the details about the Vestel 55UA9600 LED TV;

Vestel 55UA9600 Design

With a thin bezel, Vestel 55UA9600 makes the viewing experience fascinating. This television offers boundless viewing pleasure and provides a realistic and clear image with Ultra HD 4K image quality. In addition, thanks to HDR technology, colors become more vivid and offer a striking visual experience.

Vestel 55UA9600 Display and Display

Screen 139 cm
Screen resolution 3840×2160
Image enhancement Dolby Vision

Vestel 55UA9600 is produced with a screen size of 55 inches / 139 cm, 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) resolution and Dolby Vision Display Technology.

Thanks to HDR Image Technologies, it is possible to capture every scene in all its details and make you feel like you are living in real life. It also provides a more realistic image by keeping the contrast at the highest level with the Micro Dimming function.

Vestel 55UA9600 maintains its pose even in moving scenes. With Motion Rate 1600, it brings a smoother and clearer viewing experience to your home. This way you don’t have to miss a single detail, even in fast action scenes.

Thanks to Dolby Vision Display Technology, the natural colors and vibrancy of images greatly increase the realism.

Vestel 55UA9600 Audio Features

Output power (RMS) 20W
Speaker configuration 2 x 10W full range speaker

Vestel 55UA9600 helps you create a cinema atmosphere in your home with its 20W sound output power.

Whether you’re watching a movie or listening to music, you’ll hear every detail with the high sound quality of the Vestel 55UA9600. What’s more, you can enjoy your music even more thanks to the specially designed EQ settings for different music genres.

Vestel 55UA9600 offers impressive sound performance with its advanced sound technologies. DTS Studio Sound technology gives you a surround sound effect experience. This feature makes music, movies and games more exciting.

Vestel 55UA9600 connection

Number of HDMI connections 4
Number of USBs 2
Wireless connection Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
HDMI features 4K

Vestel 55UA9600 offers the possibility to connect different devices to your television, thanks to the 4 HDMI and 2 USB inputs. With its Bluetooth function, Vestel 55UA9600 offers you a wireless connection. Thus, you can listen to music, watch movies or play games by pairing with Bluetooth compatible devices. You can also mirror the content of different devices to the screen of your Vestel television via Bluetooth.

In short, Vestel 55UA9600 gives you the freedom to connect different devices by offering both wired and wireless connection options. In this way, you can make your viewing experience more enjoyable.

Vestel 55UA9600 Technical Specifications

  • 55″ screen
  • Resolution of 3840 x 2160
  • Wi-Fi function
  • 139cm
  • Android TV
  • 4K live view
  • Dolby Vision technology
  • Mirror screen

Vestel 55UA9600 Applications

Vestel 55UA9600 takes the television experience at home even further with its smart TV features. Thanks to the built-in Chromecast feature, you can view the content you watch in Chromecast-based applications such as YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, Prime Video on your mobile devices or laptops.

Vestel Android TV provides direct access to the Google Play Store and also helps you access thousands of applications and digital content, such as countless music, movies, books and games. Thanks to the features of Vestel Smart TV, you can enjoy hours of a selection of films, TV series, documentaries and much more.

Vestel 55UA9600 completely changes the television experience at home with its smart TV features, high quality picture and sound features. Now there are thousands of movies, series or documentaries waiting for you to enjoy watching at home!

Vestel 55UA9600

Vestel 55UA9600 reviews

👤 *** ***: Those who want to buy the product can buy it without hesitation. I bought the most affordable of 3-4 televisions. I do not regret it. No need to spend 2-3 thousand TL more. The product is fine. You don’t need to buy voice control, there is a voice command button on the remote control. Channel transitions are 2-3 seconds, Wi-Fi connection is smooth, YouTube Netflix etc. Transitions are fast. I think this product is perfect for this price.

👤 *** ***: Picture quality is nice 4k very good. It also shows normal TV channels well. Sound quality is also good. Internet speed is pretty good. You can install Android apps remotely. Extremely fast. It can open 4K videos from YouTube without any problem.

👤 *** ***: The television picture is beautiful. The apps are good because it’s Android. Definitely recommended.

👤 *** ***: The product is very successful, whether in sound quality or image, I have never regretted buying it.

👤 *** ***: The first start-up and general use are very pleasant, the Android interface is fast. Considering the prices of Samsung and LG, it is the most beautiful television on the market. The operation with voice commands gives what is expected of a good TV with successful sound quality.

👤 *** ***: If you like a big screen, buy it without thinking, the television is very fast, the picture clarity is excellent. It’s also nice to have Android.

👤 *** ***: The refresh rate may bother those who are sensitive to it. Especially if you are going to use it intensively on a streaming system. It could be better.

👤 *** ***: There are serious issues with the TV software. WiFi disconnects when turned on and off. To fix it, you just have to do a hard reboot by long pressing the power button, it’s annoying.

Editor’s Comments

Vestel 55UA9600

The Vestel 55UA9600 is a great television that offers all the features that every television enthusiast is looking for. With its high-resolution 4K Ultra HD screen, Dolby Vision Display Technology and HDR Display Technologies, this LED TV brings every scene you watch to life. It offers the possibility to connect different devices to your television with 4 HDMI and 2 USB inputs, Bluetooth function and radio frequency wireless connectivity.

In addition, Vestel 55UA9600’s Micro Dimming and Motion Rate functions allow you to view the details of each scene clearly and at high speed. Thanks to these functions, you can even watch moving scenes without missing the smallest details.

If you’re looking for a high-quality television, the Vestel 55UA9600 is for you. This wonderful device, which will fascinate you with both picture and sound quality and make your television viewing experience more enjoyable, definitely deserves a try.

In this section we answer the questions about the Vestel 55UA9600 LED TV.

What smart TV features does Vestel 55UA9600 have?

Thanks to the built-in Chromecast function of the Vestel 55UA9600, you can easily mirror the content you watch in Chromecast-based applications such as YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, Prime Video through your mobile devices or laptops to your TV. In addition, Vestel Android TV, which offers direct access to the Google Play Store, also offers access to thousands of applications and digital content such as music, movies, books and games.

What are the audio features of Vestel 55UA9600?

Vestel 55UA9600 offers a sound experience that will set the stage for movie theaters as the internal speakers are also quite powerful.

What is the screen size of the Vestel 55UA9600?

Vestel 55UA9600 is a 55 inch television. It is designed to fit into any room with its stylish and modern design.

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