The 10 most wanted criminals in the world

Step into a world filled with the world’s most wanted criminals. These dangerous names, linked to crimes from human trafficking to terrorism, from drug trafficking to murders, are being chased to face justice. Discover the exciting stories of criminal escapes and search operations in this blog post.

The world’s most wanted criminals

There are many international criminals and criminal organizations in the world. A red alert has been issued for some of these, but still not caught. Criminals wanted all over the world have taken over escaping the security forces and practicing it as a sport. In this content, we have brought together the most wanted criminals in the world for you.

Here are the 10 most wanted criminals in the world, who are considered crime machines;

1. Osama Bin Laden

He is the founder and leader of the illegal Islamist organization Al-Qaeda. It was the target of the United States after the September 11 attacks on the Twin Tower. The US government has announced that it will give $25 million to the person who delivers Laden. Finally, after the clashes with the US Army raid on May 2, 2011, as a result of intelligence, he captured Laden as dead. According to the foreign press, Laden is an agent that America has trained very well for the secret service.

2. Joaquin Guzman

The world's most wanted criminals

He is Mexico’s biggest drug lord. He has a nickname, “El Chapo Guzman”, which means “Guzman for short”. This is because his height is 1.68. Everything changed when Guzman escaped from prison in 2001. Guzman, who began smuggling drugs internationally, was declared the sole owner of the land and region when his closest rivals were jailed in 2004.

In a very short time he had a fortune of billions of dollars and in 2011 his name was included in Forbes magazine’s richest list. He was caught on February 22, 2014 as a result of a joint operation between Mexico and the US, which announced it would give a $5 million reward if caught.

3. Alimzhan Tokhtachounov

The world's most wanted criminals

Although he wants to portray the image of a Russian-born businessman, he is wanted for many crimes, including organized crime, bribery, gambling and drug smuggling. He was charged with bribery at the 2002 Winter Olympics, smuggling into Germany. It was announced that he would give $5 million to the person who delivered it. The US wanted Alimzhan, who had been captured in Italy, but the Italian government made it to court and released him.

4. Davud Ibrahim Kashkar

The world's most wanted criminals

He heads D-Company, India’s largest crime syndicate. He is the son of a cop, but has been involved in all sorts of illegal activities for years, from drug trafficking, counterfeit brands, murder to gun smuggling. It is known that Kaşkar, who was declared a global terrorist by the US, changed his face with plastic surgery.

5. Matteo Messina Denaro

The world's most wanted criminals

The world’s most famous mob boss, nicknamed “The Devil”. The flirtiest of the Italian mafia and the one who likes to live in luxury. Denaro organized bombings in 1993 to stop the Italian government’s operations against the Mafia. A $5 million bounty has been placed on his head.

6. Felicien Kabuga

The world's most wanted criminals

Felicien Kabuga went down in history not as an ordinary criminal, but as one of the dark figures of the genocide. During the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, Kabuga is known as one of the key figures behind a systematic attack on the Tutsi people. At the time, he allegedly contributed to the genocide by spreading hate speech and supplying weapons and ammunition through the media.

Kabuga, who was held responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, failed to face justice for years. However, he was caught in 2020 and handed over to the United Nations for trial. Kabuga’s story is one of both heinous crimes and the determination of those seeking justice.

7. Pedro Antonio Marin

The world's most wanted criminals

The leader of the FARC-EP, who is on the world’s most wanted list, changed his political and ideological views between 1948 and 1958. In March 2006, it was announced that there would be a $5 million reward for anyone who finds it. However, he was never found and died of a heart attack in 2008. He was replaced by Alfonso Cano. It would be correct to regard him as the leader of a guerrilla force.

8.Joseph Kony

The world's most wanted criminals

oseph Kony is known as one of the cruellest names on stage in history. In Central Africa, he founded a guerrilla group, the Resistance Army for Leadership and Islamic State (LRA), which spread fear and terror in the region. As leader of the LRA, Kony encouraged the abduction and abuse of child soldiers. Young children were forced to fight in the shadow of guns and kill innocent people.

Kony’s goal was to deify himself by creating chaos in Uganda and surrounding countries. For years, Kony and members of the LRA have been remembered with attacks on the civilian population, rapes and looting that destroyed villages. Convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court, Kony has still not been caught and is one of the most wanted criminals in the world.

9.James Whitey Bulger

The world's most wanted criminals

Bulger, who has been wanted with a red alert since 2007, has committed many different crimes such as murder plot, extortion, counterfeiting money, drug distribution. Bulger, who also spent time in Alcatraz Jail, was involved in many events from drug trafficking to murder while leading the Winter Hill Gang.

10. Omid Bond

The world's most wanted criminals

Bond, known in his circle as Nino, is a leader of a crime syndicate in Canada. His main crimes are rape and kidnapping. He tortured Tahvili, who is expected to be sentenced to life imprisonment for these crimes, as a result of stealing 500 thousand dollars from his drug dealing with one of his relatives. He also opened a telemarketing company in the United States and defrauded the retirees in the United States and stole 3 million dollars from this company. America has said it will give a $4 million reward to anyone who brings information about him or causes him to be captured.

Who are the most wanted criminals in the world?

There are several prominent names among the world’s most wanted criminals. For example, Joaquín Guzmán, known as “El Chapo”, is recognized as the leader of the drug cartels. Like Joseph Kony, the leader of the Leadership and Resistance Army for the Islamic State (LRA), which terrorizes Central Africa, is also among the internationally wanted. Another famous criminal is Felicien Kabuga, who is said to have played an important role in the Rwandan genocide.

What crimes are these criminals wanted for?

The most wanted criminals in the world are wanted for various crimes. Serious crimes such as drug trafficking, terrorism, genocide, human trafficking and leadership of organized crime organizations are some of the reasons these names are sought after. For example, “El Chapo” is wanted for drug trafficking, while Felicien Kabuga is wanted for his involvement in the Rwandan genocide.

Who is looking for and trying to catch these criminals?

International security units, national police services and organizations such as Interpol are working intensively to arrest and bring these criminals to justice. International cooperation is essential to track down and catch these criminals. Interpol plays a central role in such international conversations, sharing information and coordinating between countries.

Why are these criminals still not found?

Finding and catching these criminals is often a difficult and complex process. Many criminals may have international connections and are protected by underground networks. They can constantly change identities to hide and have local supporters. Also, in some countries, the judicial systems and law enforcement may be inadequate or create an environment that protects criminals. These factors can cause perpetrators to go undetected for a long time. However, international security forces continue to work resolutely to bring these criminals to justice.

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