The 15 Most Liked Facebook Pages of All Time

Social media has become an important part of people’s lives today. People are actively using social media platforms to follow information, share news and interact from all over the world. Among these platforms, Facebook is a pioneering social network that has been popular for many years and hosts millions of users.

Facebook is home to many famous and influential individuals, companies and organizations known for their worldwide user base. These pages play an important role in connecting with followers, sharing news, organizing events, and building a community. However, it is a fact that some pages get more attention and millions of likes than others. In this article we have listed the most liked Facebook pages in 2023 for you.

Facebook pages with the most likes

Order Page Number of likes Definition
An Facebook 183 million Social media account
2 Cristiano Ronaldo 163.3 million Soccer player
3 Samsung 162.3 million Company
4 Mr. Bean 137 million Character
5 Shakira 123 million Singer
6 CGTN 120 million TV channel
7 Will Smith 115 million Actor
8 Leo Messi 114.5 million Soccer player
9 Real Madrid CF 113.5 million football team
10 Coca-Cola 109 million Company
11th Vincent Diesel 107 million Actor
12 china daily 105 million Newspaper
13 Rihanna 104 million Singer
14 FCBarcelona 103.5 million football team
15 Tasteful 95.8 million website

15 Most Liked Facebook Accounts

From 2023, we see that Facebook itself is the most liked on the Facebook platform. This is followed by Cristiano Ronaldo and Samsung. You can learn more about the pages by browsing our content, which contains many accounts.


Facebook, which tops the list with 183 million likes, is followed by 189 million people. It seems that Facebook, which provides important information and fun sharing, is not going to top the list anytime soon.

2.Cristiano Ronaldo

Facebook pages with the most likes

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Facebook page not only attracts football fans, but also sports fans in general. By sharing his activities in various social projects and his philanthropic work, he shows his followers how he stands out not only as a football player, but also as a community leader and role model. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Facebook page has received 163.3 million likes today.

Some photos that Cristiano Ronaldo also shared on Instagram are among the most liked posts. You can find the most liked Instagram posts here.


Facebook pages with the most likes

With 162.3 million likes, Samsung once again proves its leadership in the technology world and the power of its innovative products. The page provides Samsung fans with news about their latest products, smartphones, televisions, appliances and other electronics.

4. Mr. Bean

Facebook pages with the most likes

The legendary character of the comic world, Mr. Bean is one of the most popular pages on Facebook. Taking his place on our list with 137 million likes, Mr. Bean is one of the most beloved characters in the comedy world.

5. Shakira

Facebook pages with the most likes

The global music star, Shakira, has one of the most liked and liked pages on Facebook! At the moment, Shakira’s Facebook page is overflowing with 123 million likes!


Facebook pages with the most likes

On the Facebook page of CGTN, one of the world’s largest media outlets, you will find detailed information about global events, impressive photos and inspiring stories. This account has exactly 120 million likes.

7. Will Smith

Facebook pages with the most likes

Will Smith, one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, continues to meet a huge fan base on Facebook! His unique talent and charisma have been awarded with 115 million likes.

8.Leo Messi

Facebook pages with the most likes

Leo Messi, one of the legendary names in football, has one of the most liked pages on Facebook with 114.5 million likes. In addition to his fascinating moves on the pitch, Messi’s page features candid moments from family life and information about his contributions to social responsibility projects.

9. Real Madrid CF

Facebook pages with the most likes

Real Madrid CF, one of the biggest football clubs in the world, attracts attention with 113.5 million likes. On this page you will discover the exciting adventures, unforgettable matches and great victories in the football history of the legendary football club.

10. Coke

Facebook pages with the most likes

Coca-Cola, one of the most loved and iconic beverage brands in the world, has a huge fan base on Facebook. This company, which received 109 million likes, is appreciated every day.

11.Vin Diesel

Facebook pages with the most likes

The unmissable name of action and adrenaline, Vin Diesel is one of the most loved Facebook accounts with 107 million likes. On Vin Diesel’s page, you’ll see action-packed scenes, dazzling car races, and posts about Hollywood’s biggest productions.

12. China daily

Facebook pages with the most likes

This impressive page, which has reached 105 million likes, offers news, information and current developments on various topics. The fact that it has a large number of followers around the world demonstrates the quality and breadth of its content.

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13. Rihanna

Facebook pages with the most likes

Rihanna’s Facebook page attracts attention not only with her music, but also with her posts about people. He approaches social issues sensitively and makes his followers aware of these issues. Rihanna currently has 104 million likes.

14. FC Barcelona

Facebook pages with the most likes

Filled with millions of FC Barcelona fans, this page offers football fans a great experience. This page has become an indispensable resource for witnessing Barcelona’s victories, following the players’ performances and communicating with football fans around the world. Since its inception, FC Barcelona’s Facebook page has reached 103.5 million likes.

15. Yummy

Facebook pages with the most likes

Tasty opens the door to a world full of creative recipes, excellent culinary tricks and delicious food. By following the page, you can embark on a journey full of images that will delight your taste buds. This page has exactly 95.8 million likes.

Reasons for Facebook Pages to Like?

Facebook pages with the most likes

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world with billions of users. Many companies, organizations and well-known names strive to create a large following by using their Facebook pages. However, the reasons for liking these pages can be a complex combination. Here are a few thoughts on why Facebook Pages are liked:

  • Content Quality: Facebook users show an interest in quality and engaging content. Content should entertain, inform or emotionally influence users. A good content strategy is an important way to attract users to your page and get their likes.
  • Interaction and communication: Having Facebook pages interact can increase user loyalty to your page. Replying to comments, replying to posts, and engaging with followers shows that your Page is people-centric. Users may like such pages because they want an interactive experience.
  • Brand Loyalty: Good brand loyalty can increase likes on Facebook pages. Users can like their page to support their favorite brands or companies. Therefore, brand equity, credibility, and positive customer experiences can increase your page’s potential to get likes.
  • Creative and visual elements: A visually appealing Facebook page can appeal to users. Visual content, logos, cover photos, and shared images can make your page look professional and attractive. Having visual elements that are eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing can increase the likelihood that users will like your page.
  • Meeting the needs of the target book: Facebook pages should appeal to the interests of a specific audience. Businesses can increase likes by showcasing content on their pages that meets the needs of their target audience. Users tend to like pages where they find valuable content related to topics they are interested in.
  • Advertising and Promotions: Facebook offers companies the opportunity to advertise and promote. Targeted ads and promotions can grab the attention of potential followers and increase your page’s visibility. A well-planned advertising strategy can lead to more people discovering and liking your page.

What are the most liked Facebook pages?

The top rated Facebook pages tend to be those of popular celebrities, brands, media outlets, sports teams, and similar large communities. For example, Coca-Cola, Cristiano Ronaldo, Samsung, Real Madrid and many more famous brands and individuals are among the most loved Facebook pages.

Which page has the most likes on Facebook?

From 2023, the page with the most likes on Facebook will be Facebook’s own page. This page has millions of likes and is followed by millions of people from different parts of the world.

How does a Facebook page get so many likes?

There are some effective strategies to get a lot of likes for a Facebook page. Here are a few examples:

  1. Content quality and variety: It is important to share a variety of content that will engage, entertain or inform people.
  2. Regular and consistent messages: It’s important to keep the page up to date and make sure followers regularly see new content.
  3. Interaction: It is important to create an interactive environment such as interacting with followers, responding to comments and asking questions.
  4. Advertising and promotions: Using Facebook ads or running promotions can be effective in increasing the page’s reach.
  5. Get to know the target audience: It is important to understand the target audience of the page and present content that is relevant to their interests.

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