The benefits of bay seeds are endless

Bay leaves are known for their aromatic taste and fragrance. The seeds of bay laurel have many health benefits. Those who know the benefits of bay seed see it as a natural source of healing. To increase the effects of bay seed on health, it is necessary to use it correctly. Although the taste of this seed, which is compared to olives, is bitter, you can sweeten it with honey. However, you should ask the doctor before using the bay seed like other herbal remedies.


Bay leaf seed is a natural anti-inflammatory with its anti-inflammatory properties. It fights acute and chronic inflammation in the body. Thanks to this property, it strengthens the immune system by increasing the body’s resistance. It eliminates the factors that open the door to autoimmune diseases. It relieves the symptoms of existing autoimmune diseases. It is effective against winter diseases such as throat and tonsillitis.


Bay leaf seed is effective against bacteria and microbes thanks to its antiseptic properties. Thanks to this function, it purifies the body of toxins. It is good for diseases caused by bacteria and microbes.


Bay seed relieves many pains from rheumatism to migraine. To take advantage of this healing effect of bay seeds, grind 10 grams of bay seeds into powder and mix them with honey. The mixture should have a paste-like consistency. Consume the mixture you have prepared in the amount of a teaspoon if you are in pain. Your pain will be relieved in a very short time.

It is good for shortness of breath and cough

Undoubtedly, the most outstanding feature of bay seed is that it is good for bronchitis and shortness of breath. In addition, these small seeds have a miraculous effect that takes away the complaint of chronic cough. If you have a cough, shortness of breath or bronchitis, you can prepare the paste in the upper part and consume it regularly every day.


The laurel seed has the property of facilitating childbirth. For an easy birth, crush some bay seeds and mix them with honey into a paste. Consume this mixture, which you have prepared, up to a teaspoon 3 times a day, about 2 weeks before you meet your baby.


Bay seeds are gut-friendly. If you mix the bay seed with honey and make a paste and consume it, it will eliminate the pain and gas problem in the intestines. Bay seeds are effective in the fight against candida. With its antiseptic property, it destroys bad bacteria in the gut. This mixture also has a diuretic effect. It is enough to consume the mixture in the amount of one teaspoon 3 times a day.


Bay seed is very successful in eliminating bad breath with its spicy, pleasant scent. If you prefer, you can make a mouthwash by mixing the bay seed with water after powdering it.

FIT eczema

Bay seed is a natural prescription for psoriasis and eczema. You can mix the powdered bay seed with vinegar and apply it on the psoriasis or eczema area. Bay seed is recommended by İbrahim Saracoğlu as a solution for eczema.


When cooked and drunk with horsetail herb, it eliminates stomach problems. Bay leaf seed is effective in the treatment of hemorrhoids. If the hair is washed with this water obtained by boiling together with nettle, black cumin and thyme, it prevents hair loss. After drying in the sun, bay seed powder is effective against all poisonous animal bites and bee stings.

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