The best itineraries to go with a group of friends

Going on a trip with your friends, discovering a new place or visiting a favorite place is one of the greatest pleasures. Here are the places where you can enjoy a pleasant holiday with your group of friends…

Tokyo, which is both futuristic and deep-rooted, can be a great route to go with your friends, with gleaming skyscrapers and ancient pagodas, gigantic mega-malls and tiny artisan shops that keep age-old traditions alive.
Ibiza, which has become a very popular holiday destination in recent years, can be a good choice for you and your friends with its lively nightlife and beach parties.
Santa Teresa is a beach town on Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula with beautiful beaches, food and a relaxed pace. If you are looking for the perfect place to surf, relax with friends and do yoga, this is the right choice.
One of the most beautiful cities in Arizona, Scottsdale is one of the go-to group getaway destinations thanks to its variety of activities, restaurants, and accommodations.
Capri, one of Italy’s popular holiday resorts, can fascinate you with its unique view and unparalleled beauty. It is one of the places where you can go with your friends with its colorful nightlife, historical and cultural sites.
A beautiful fishing village on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, Cartagena’s beautiful beaches, a historic old city that can be explored on foot, and beautiful colonial architecture will captivate you and your friends.
With a little bit of everything for everyone, charming and energetic, Amsterdam can be a great itinerary for you and your friends, with colorful old houses, canals, flower-decorated bridges and cycle paths.
This popular Caribbean resort could be a great choice, with its beautiful beaches, interesting cultural scene and duty-free shopping in the capital, Charlotte Amalie.
An emotional and vibrant city on the Mississippi River, New Orleans can be a great destination to explore with friends.
Aspen in the US, one of the most popular ski resorts in the world, combines sports, luxury, entertainment and shopping.
Bali, Island of the Gods; It is a magical place with an irresistible mix of nature, culture, wellness and nightlife. It is notable for its beautiful beaches, lush rice terraces, yoga, clifftop temples, fishing villages, delicious food, spa rituals and sunset views.
Milwaukee is an incredibly beautiful tourist city with a variety of attractions and entertainment options. This route, which also stands out for its coastal activities, can attract the attention of your group of friends.
Hypnotic and at times dizzying, Marrakech is where maze-like alleyways, bustling markets, Moorish architecture, grand palaces, manicured gardens and ornate mosques converge.
Located in the central part of Vietnam, the city became famous for the Dragon Bridge, the construction of which was completed 2 years ago. With a population of 750 thousand, Da Nang also attracts attention with its geographical similarity to İzmir. It is also known as a holiday destination frequented by food lovers.
If you prefer a stress-free vacation, consider flying to Punta Cana for a few days of oceanfront bliss, great food, and fun with your friends.
If you like travelling, shopping and theatre, London is the best place for you and your friends.
In addition to being the filming location for countless movies and shows, Vancouver is also distinguished for its diverse cuisine, live music, art galleries, museums and natural beauties.
Mykonos, one of Greece’s liveliest islands, is the place for beach parties, especially in the summer. On the other hand, the island also has beautiful beaches and historical spots, including the Kato Mili, four large windmills built by the Venetians in the 6th century.

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