The best selfie tips to break records

Best Selfie Pose Advice

Selfie has gained an important place in our daily lives. In selfie photos capturing social media environments, everyone competed to reveal their better selfies. While some make them look again with the selfie they took, others aren’t quite adept at taking a nice selfie. So, what are the secrets to taking beautiful selfies? As a result of our research, we share 10 tips for taking selfies with you.

Here are the selfie pose suggestions that will break the like record for your photos on social media;

1. Use a selfie stick

When you take a selfie by stretching your arms, you can only take a small area behind you. It’s also not fun to see your arms when you take a selfie in a scenic spot. So if you are going to a place with a beautiful view, you should definitely bring your selfie stick.

2. Always be groomed

Selfie tips

Your accessories should be just as important as your care. Especially in selfies that women will take, the fact that their accessories stand out as much as they do will again reveal the quality of the photo and your beauty.

3. Take the optimal position

Selfie tips

When taking selfies, your face is always in the foreground. If you have a wide face, definitely feel free to take selfies from really close and focus on your forehead. You need to retreat by tilting your head, which is aimed at your nose, at an angle of 3-4 degrees, or by turning slightly to the right or left.

4. Avoid shooting directly

Selfie tips

Photos where you look like a headshot will not attract attention. Instead, you should shoot with a slight angle to the right or left. Moreover, these pictures will make your face look more photogenic.

5. Have group selfies

Selfie tips

Among the selfies taken, the most notable are those taken with family, friends or a cute pet. Selfies that make you stand out in the crowd make you look more beautiful.

6. Be natural

Selfie tips

You should try to take cool selfies that make you look like yourself. Of course, this coolness doesn’t consist of selfies taken by deep-eyed looking left and right as if indifferent to the camera. Likewise, it’s not like posing with a grin. These are fully camera-oriented photos that also show your clothing style and your hair is combed. In such photos, you should tilt your head forward a little and keep your lips a little apart and a little forward.

7. Choose your background plain

Selfie tips

That’s how you stand out. You have to create the main subject of the photo yourself. Otherwise, the concept may shift to another point.

8. Use a phone lens

Selfie tips

You can take fun selfies with fisheye lens and macro lens.

9. Make minor touch-ups

Selfie tips

Another secret to beautiful selfies is to make some minor tweaks to the photo editing app. This way, even though it is beautiful, it stands out just a little more. However, the most important thing about retouching is that you don’t overdo it. You don’t have to retouch so much to push your naturalness into the background.

10. Use remote shooting buttons

Selfie tips

While taking a selfie, you can take a nicer selfie with the button on your headphones or the bluetooh shutter.

Selfie editing tips

Selfie tips

Taking selfies has become an indispensable part of our lives. However, sometimes the background, lighting, or other factors of a quick selfie aren’t as good as we’d like. This is where selfie editing apps come into play. Here are the best selfie editing tips for you:

Reduce for a natural look

One of the most common mistakes in editing programs is overuse of filters, which detract from the natural look of facial features. Instead, try shrinking the filters to keep your features looking natural.

Remove background

If you take a selfie with a lot of people around you, the background can look a bit messy. In this case, the editing apps offer the option to clear the background. This option allows you to get a cleaner image by removing the background objects.

Edit the lighting

If your selfie is poorly lit or has a shadowy image because it’s in the wrong place, editing apps offer lighting options. By using these options, you can make your selfie look brighter and clearer.

Color settings

Your selfie may also not look good if the colors are not adjusted correctly. You can make your photo look more natural and vibrant by making color adjustments. You can also give your photo a different vibe by trying out the apps’ filters.


The size of your photo may vary depending on the platform you want to share it with. Some apps allow you to resize your photo. This can be especially useful when uploading to Instagram, Twitter or other social media platforms.

These tips will help you achieve a more professional result with selfie editing apps. But remember that a natural and realistic look is always better.

How do I take the best selfie?

To take the best selfie, you first need to find the right angle. Usually, selfies that you take face up and point the camera slightly downwards work better. In addition, good lighting and a suitable background are also important.

Which camera app should I use?

There are many camera apps available to take a good selfie. Some of these are apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and VSCO, which have their own filters and editing options. However, you can also take good selfies with your phone’s camera app.

How can I look better in selfies?

To take a good selfie, you need to choose an angle and good lighting that will accentuate your features. You can also look better by using the right makeup and hairstyle. You can also improve your appearance by editing the photo.

What clothes should I wear for a selfie?

The clothes you wear in the selfie can affect the overall mood of the photo. Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in and use the right colors. You can also make your selfie more interesting by using the accessories properly.

How should I pose for a selfie?

When taking a selfie, it is best to adopt a natural position. Smile and make eye contact. You can also achieve better results by using an angle that accentuates your features.

Should I use filters in selfies?

Filters can make your selfie better, but it’s important not to overdo it. To get a natural look, reduce or use no filters at all. You can also get the desired result by editing the photo.

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