The best time for circumcision

Pediatric Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Perihan Topçu said: “With the closure of schools, a long holiday period begins for children. This holiday period is considered the most suitable period for families to perform circumcision operations. Circumcision is one of the most common childhood surgical procedures.” Summer is the best time for circumcision in terms of health. It is very important for the child to go through this process with the least amount of effort when deciding on the circumcision procedure, and to spend his next life comfortably,” he said.

Expressing that the circumcision procedure is very easy and is now performed with local and general anesthesia without any aches or pains, Op. Dr. Perihan Topçu said: “Circumcision can be performed with general anesthesia or local anesthesia. Nowadays, such operations can be performed much more quickly and easily and afterwards do not cause any trauma to the child. circumcised because of the health of the children and the very low risk of infection,” he said.

It is best to perform the surgical procedure under hospital conditions. to vote stating that the Op. Dr. Perihan Topçu said: “Circumcision is a surgical procedure that is not difficult and is easily tolerated. However, if not performed properly, it can lead to permanent loss of genital organs and disorders. It is possible to avoid unwanted situations after the circumcision is performed in accordance with surgical procedures Specialist in surgery or pediatric urology Otherwise there may be undesirable consequences such as excessive or undercutting of the skin, poor scar tissue, deformity, severe bleeding, infection, partial or complete loss of the glans penis after circumcision should be performed by an experienced specialist in accordance with surgical principles.

Another important issue families ask themselves about circumcision is how old children are circumcised. Kiss. Dr. Perihan Topçu stated that circumcision should be performed before the age of 2 or after the age of 6. Topçu, who recommends circumcision before age 2 in case of risk of infection or kidney disease in children, recommended after age 6 for other conditions.

Kiss. Dr. Perihan Topçu ‘Circumcision is a surgical procedure performed on boys by cutting the skin covering the glans to a certain degree and shape. Since it is a surgical procedure, the best choice is to perform the circumcision in the hospital or even the operating room. Circumcision should be performed in the appropriate age range Circumcision in children aged 2-6 years; sexual identity development should not be done unless it is necessary because they are self-centered and incompatible. If we circumcise during this period when the child’s sexual identity is developing, there will be fear of loss of manhood, which we call castration, and there may be unexplained benefits for a lifetime. In any case, we should never circumcise our children between the ages of 3 and 6,” he said.

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