The cause of nasal congestion that you think is an allergy could be cancer

Allergic diseases began to increase with the change of seasons. Specialist in ear, nose and throat disorders Opr. Dr. Cemal Ayhan gave important information about allergic diseases and the causes of nasal congestion. Emphasizing that any nasal congestion is not allergic and can be a harbinger of important diseases, Opr. Dr. Ayhan gave vital warnings. Mention that allergies can be occupational, seasonal, or hereditary

From the Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic, Opr. Dr Cemal Ayhan said, “Allergy is a disease that disturbs the comfort of patients’ lives and reduces their comfort in daily life. It is possible to detect allergies with a doctor’s examination. Allergy sufferers often come to us with nasal congestion and discharge. After detecting the allergy with an ear, nose and throat examination, we also provide various medicinal treatments. In these drug treatments, we adjust the patients appropriately. We can see allergies develop against many factors in the body, which we call atopic body. It is not right to tell patients that you are only allergic to one thing. If a person is allergic to something, we can say that the potential to develop an allergic reaction to others, to other substances or to other allergens is greater. We are currently in the table where we see a lot of allergic situations. With the arrival of spring, patients encounter allergies from tree pollen exposure, which is very intense. We also separate the types of allergies. Patients may be exposed to seasonal or occupational allergies. People with an occupational allergy say that these complaints decrease during the weekend or during the summer holidays. Our patients, who are exposed to allergies all year round, also have complaints all year round.”

“We found out that the patient who thought he had an allergy had cancer”

Noting that some nasal congestion can be the harbinger or symptom of very important diseases, Opr. Dr Ayhan said: “The most common allergies we see are seasonal ones. They find complaints not only to one species but also to different allergens such as pollen, pasture, grass, smoke, sun exposure. After these allergies, medicines prescribed by a doctor’s examination are used. We do not recommend using old medicines at home or medicines recommended by neighbors. Before using the medicine, it should be examined and the appropriate treatment should be determined by the doctor. We doctors diagnose allergies by talking to the patient. Medications can be helpful, but allergies are not the only cause of nasal congestion, sneezing or itchy throats. Many of our patients who have been diagnosed with an infection with an underlying allergy symptom, we examined and treated here We examined and arranged the treatment of patients who did not have allergies, who came to us with the polyps in the nose, the size of the turbinate, or, with a more serious picture, had been allergic for years in a condition those more serious than the size of the nasal turbinate, perhaps cancerous and developing into cancer. That’s why I definitely say that they should listen to a doctor’s advice, not a neighbor’s advice. Allergies aren’t the only thing that causes nasal congestion. There are hundreds of reasons that cause nasal congestion. Nose can be blocked by a foreign body or by many diseases. We have had patients come to us with nasal congestion and were delayed due to allergies, we had stones in the nose and we had a foreign body removed. We have diagnosed patients with cancer. We detected mushroom balls,” he said. “Long-term nasal congestion creates an infrastructure for other diseases” Emphasizing that neglected and long-term nasal congestion impairs lung functions and prepares the environment for other diseases, Cemal Ayhan said: “Nasal congestion is the long-term infrastructure for some diseases. The nose protects the lung and makes it work properly. If the nose can’t function properly, it can’t supply the lungs with air. Because we know that the nose; It has heating, humidifying and filtering functions. If you skip these, you can get serious lung infections cause.

Apart from that, you can pave the way for a disease like sinusitis. Patients usually suffer from being unable to breathe and come in with fits of sneezing. There is also treatment for patients with an allergy background. Treatment consists of drug treatments, but none of these are permanent solutions. Receives the Nobel Prize for completely solving allergies. Because all anti-allergic treatments we provide are temporary. If you ask what the main treatment here is, cutting off exposure to allergens. This is a patient experience thing. Of course we do the following in our own clinic, in our own hospital; We do allergy testing. We determine what the patient is allergic to. The solution is to stay away from the patient and the allergen. Methods used in the treatment of allergies As for the methods of treatment in allergic reactions, Opr. Dr. Cemal Ayhan also said, “Allergy is a hereditary disease. So if you have an allergic background, your child is also at risk. We have a variety of surgical and non-surgical solutions for turbinate augmentation. Again, there are solutions for the sinusitis it causes. With regard to allergies, we use antihistamines as a first step. In addition, there are treatments that we call decongestants. In fact, it is a treatment regimen that constricts the vessels in the nose and reduces flow. Again, we have cortisone therapy. Thanks to the short use of cortisone, we avoid and treat the known side effects. Allergy equals enlargement of the turbinate, severe discharge and serious discomfort in life. Whether by radiofrequency, laser or surgically, the concha can be reduced in size by grating. We decide this together with the patient. Therefore, the necessary method of treatment is determined by the doctor along with the patient examination.

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