The child’s relationship with the father is reflected in his personality traits.

Underlining that father-child interaction is extremely important for children to develop their social, emotional and communication skills and prepare them for the real outside world, Psychiatrist Assoc. Dr. Serhat Tunç therefore drew attention to the importance of parental responsibility sharing in raising children. Explaining the importance of the father figure in child development, Assoc. Dr. Tunç provided the following information: “The interaction of both mother and father has different outcomes in the healthy development of the child. For example, interaction with the father plays an important role in the intellectual, social-emotional, sexual role and identity development of the child. In addition, father-child interaction initiates differentiation in the child, makes it independent and gives creativity. That is why fathers should also play games with their children, read books and be role models.”


associate Dr. Tunç explained that the father-child relationship also influences the child’s communication with others. IMPORTANT BETWEEN 0-6 YEARS, While 0-6 age group is very important, Assoc. Dr. Tunç said: “The main structure of the personality is formed at the age of six. It can be seen that children with strong father-child communication develop positive personality traits. It should not be forgotten that a good father-child relationship also strengthens the child’s relationship with life.” associate Dr. Tunç said: “In this period, friends come to the fore for adolescents. Therefore, it is important for parents to get to know their adolescents’ friends and support their positive relationships for good communication. In their relationships, which they consider negative, they must express their opinion by explaining their reasons.”


Underlining that the most important point in the father-child relationship is to make the child feel loved and valued, Assoc. Dr. Tunç summarized what can be done to establish correct communication as follows: “Fathers should also tell the child verbally that they are loved. However, it must be felt with the interest it shows behaviorally. When children are angry, they should be tried to understand their feelings by trying to listen without judging or blaming them, and the child’s thoughts should be listened to. In addition, the father must be consistent in what he says and does to set an example as a role model. One of the most important points is to spend quality time with the child. For this, the sharing they make together is more important than the duration of the time allotted. And when we are together, the father just has to focus on the child.”


Noting that one of the major issues and difficulties of the period we are in is screen exposure, Assoc. Dr Tunç said: “Children acquire social skills by modeling social relationships and interactions. Unfortunately, we are in a period where stimuli are intense and face-to-face social communication is declining. That is why it is also important that parents keep their children away from low-quality stimuli.”


Underlining that what should not be done is just as important as what should be done in healthy communication, Assoc. Dr. Tunç made the following suggestions to parents on this topic: “Fathers’ lack of respect for mothers has a negative impact on children. In addition, not verbally and behaviorally expressing their love, not showing their interest, concern, and affection, and not being consistent with what they say and do top the list of things to do. From time to time, parents may share their problems with their children because of their desire to communicate or other reasons. It should not be forgotten that a parent who sees the child as a confidant in this way can impose a heavy sense of responsibility on the child. With regard to academic expectations, the wishes, demands and abilities of their children should be taken into account, and very high expectations should not be set and these high expectations should not be imposed.”

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