The danger of asbestos in the earthquake zone was pointed out

Adıyaman Provincial Health Directorate continues to share information about health problems in Adıyaman earthquake zone.

Public health specialist Dr Yusuf Emre Bostan said: “After the earthquake we experienced, the destruction of the damaged buildings in our city continues. Despite the precautions taken during the demolition of these buildings, a large amount of dust is generated and dispersed throughout the city by the wind. It is seen that the citizens follow the demolition work without caring about the dust and do not take any precautions. This can become a serious health problem in the future.

Many people know dust as a small piece of soil and do not care about it, but some of these small particles are composed of substances such as asbestos, lead, mercury, arsenic, mold, pollen. Asbestos, one of these materials, was used as insulation material in buildings until 2010, but its use was banned because it was found to cause cancer in the pleura. Because it is used in buildings built before 2010, it can be mixed into the air as dust during demolition. In addition, metals used in electronic devices such as lead, mercury and cadmium, which are known to have toxic effects, can be mixed into the air as dust with destruction. Allergic reactions and infections can occur, especially in old buildings, when mold and other organic structures that have accumulated on the walls are mixed with the air and inhaled by people.

Making warnings about citizens with chronic diseases, Dr Yusuf Emre Bostan said: “Children, the elderly, people with respiratory diseases such as asthma and COPD, people with allergies, and basically everyone, whom we define as sensitive groups, should definitely protect themselves against dust. It is necessary to stay away from demolition sites as much as possible and not to follow the demolition work. Those who have a workplace or home near these areas should keep doors and windows closed when there is a lot of dust, leave them open for short periods when they need ventilation, and prefer the hours when the work stops and the dust does not form. Dust that has accumulated around homes and workplaces should be cleaned to the point where it can no longer be ventilated. Persons working in or near the demolition area must wear dust masks labeled ffp2 or ffp3. In addition, as dust accumulates in our hair, beard and clothes, we need to wash our face, hair and clothes regularly.

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