The demand for sheet porcelain increased in dental aesthetics

Lamina teeth, which provide effective results in eliminating minor misalignments in tooth alignment, the appearance of discolored and yellowed teeth, and in the design of smiles, are in high demand because they can be applied to all age groups. Dentist İbrahim Özdemir said that leaf porcelain applications always attract attention and provide perfect solutions, and this demand has increased especially after the pandemic. Özdemir said: “Teeth, which directly affect appearance and determine expression, begin to look perfect within a few sessions with sheet porcelain. People who had become accustomed to wearing masks during the pandemic began to worry more about their smiles after the mask application was lifted. In this process, those who were not comfortable with the problems in their teeth increased their demand for lamina teeth aesthetics.

“Leaf porcelain lasts more than 10 years”

Özdemir stated that they apply a detailed examination to those who want to have lamina teeth, Özdemir said: “Slight crooked teeth, permanent tooth stains and color changes, intense cracks and irregular appearance related to gum level are both corrected with the lamina tooth design and teeth get a perfect look.”

Emphasizing that leaf porcelain offers an ideal treatment for unwanted appearances in front teeth, Özdemir said, “Fleaf porcelain is a treatment approach that offers aesthetic and healthy results. As long as the patients continue their oral and dental care, leaf porcelain can be used for more than 10 years with the quality of the first day.

“Intense interest because it is not a procedure that damages the teeth”

Dentist specialist İbrahim Özdemir pointed out that they achieved successful results with the application of leaf porcelain in smile design and continued as follows; “Sheet porcelain does not damage the original teeth, interferes with the teeth at a minimal level during application, protects the teeth. Intermittent, crooked and yellowed teeth are given a bright appearance without being damaged. That is why patients come to us with confidence that they will get satisfying results, no worries about ‘damaging my teeth’.”

Özdemir pointed out that they have achieved successful results with the application of leaf porcelain in smile design and said, “We interfere with the natural teeth at a minimal level during the application with leaf porcelain and protect the teeth. We achieve an aesthetic appearance with the least intervention in the form of intermittent, crooked and yellowed teeth. That’s why patients come to us with confidence that they will get satisfactory results, without worrying about damaging their teeth.”

It is attractive to offer quick and clear solutions.

Özdemir stated that sheet porcelain application is the best option for long processes and emphasized that the patients are not concerned about this problem. Özdemir added that lamina dental treatment offers attractive solutions by first giving quick and clear results and then meeting patients’ expectations.

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