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Erdoğan stated that the nation has witnessed countless projects, countless policies and countless achievements that have turned dreams into reality over 20 years, emphasizing that the first of these is undoubtedly the successes in the defense industry, especially in aviation.


Noting that he has left important milestones with some critical projects in Turkish aviation in recent days, Erdoğan said: “We have taken our national fighter jet, which will be the main combat force of our air force, out of the hangar and done a runway head. We performed the first flight of our country’s first manned supersonic jet aircraft, the Hürjet. How did you find it?” Thanks… This country will do it, will they believe it? We have launched our heavy class attack helicopter Atak-2, which we can call the little brother of our Atak Attack Helicopter for the first time.” said.

Erdoğan stated that the Anka-3 Combat Unmanned Combat Aircraft made its first march after Kızılelma, the world’s first flying unmanned combat aircraft, and stated that they will take new steps to crown the proud developments, and one of them is the National Combat Aircraft, which they called “KAAN”.

President Erdogan said:

“I thank my Lord for showing us these days. The father of the name is Devlet Bey. Of course some people will feel very uncomfortable because of this. You know what they said about TCG Anadolu, Altay, İMECE and our other projects. They are probably “models”. They will say. If you pay close attention, these and those across the water have been disturbed by all the successes our country has had in the defense industry. Forgive us, we will continue to disturb them and the people on the other side of the water. We are Turkey, we are the Turkish nation. Those who accuse us of being disconnected from reality. Even KAAN and Hürjet alone are enough to awaken them from the dreams they have set their hopes. If the enthusiasm and pride here makes people nervous, we are happy, then we are on the right track. We will work harder to do more.”


Emphasizing that the greatest power behind the heroic military, whether in peace or war, is the nation and its defense industry, which is the product of its sweat, Erdoğan said: this power has been deprived, is now on the verge of a new era. Our national weapons, our national aircraft, UAVs. “We have worked hard and succeeded our UAVs, Raiders, Red Apples, national ships, national satellites, national tanks , guns and much more. We will continue to work harder and achieve even greater success.” said.

Erdoğan stated that there are planes, UAVs and helicopters making their first flights today, with engines running, and said he is proud on behalf of the nation with the brave engineers, brave pilots, hard-working workers and defense industry soldiers who make them work day and night.

Erdoğan said that Kahramankazan is a place that has experienced all stages of this process:

“We are also proud of our district. For years we heard the following reproach from our engineers and workers who work here: ‘In the past decades, when we bought planes and helicopters from foreigners, while we were teaching art here, we always sighed, can’t it always be better, what’s wrong with us?’ When we entered the government, we listened to the cries of our engineers, workers and heroic soldiers: “Enough is enough.” We said, ‘Our own engineer will design it, our own worker will produce it, our own pilot will fly it.’ we said.

By showing that will, we in aviation, together with other disciplines, have come a long way in a short time. As our foundation and private sector prime contractors deploy these platforms, hundreds of our contractors and SMBs take their place in the system by developing and manufacturing subsystems nationwide. We are also aware of the support our universities give to research and development activities. Fortunately, we have been rewarded for all our efforts, and we are getting it.”

Reminding that all kinds of SİHAs, from Akıncı to Aksungur, from Bayraktar TB2 to Anka, are exported to all over the world, Erdoğan said that they are carrying out joint aviation projects with many countries, and many engineers from Western countries, from Pakistan to Indonesia, are also working together with TAI. He explained that he was part of the defense industry and they designed and produced products for the defense industry together with them.

Erdoğan said that as Turkey gains strength, peace, justice and fairness will take root in the region and in the world, and she should not leave the work begun for this unfinished.


Emphasizing that they will not allow what happened to many projects in the past with these products as they put a lot of effort and sacrifice, Erdoğan said that hundreds of engineers, pilots and technicians keep this pride alive by participating day and night. take their .

President Erdoğan said: “Our first supersonic jet fighter jet, the Hürjet, will train our heroic pilots, equip them with weapons and go to the battlefield if necessary. With this feature, Hürjet will be able to partially replace our F-16s with our own weapons and our own radars. Very soon our Hürjet will be included in the inventory of our Air Force. “In addition, our Acrotim demonstration aircraft will consist of the Hürjet fleet. Hopefully we will deploy Hürjet for our TCG Anadolu vessel.” he said.

Noting that the national fighter jet KAAN will be flying very soon, Erdoğan said: “Imagine such an aircraft that it will enter the enemy’s lair without being seen by radars in a war environment. It will open its gun port and launch its missile and bomb on the enemy. Then it will return to its base just as quietly as it came. Our country’s own engineers will save it, our country’s own pilots will fly it. KAAN is the name of this aircraft. All major mission systems will be domestic and national. KAAN will be equipped with our own weapons, our own radar, our own communications, flight control and mission computers. Is it possible not to be moved by this picture?” used the sentences.

Announcing that they will complete all tests and deliver the KAAN to the air force in a few years with its superior performance, Erdoğan said that they will be one of the five countries in the world to produce this type of fifth-generation jet fighter.


Recalling that there are other unmanned combat aircraft and that Bayraktar Kızılelma took off as the world’s first unmanned combat aircraft, Erdoğan said:

“In the same way, ANKA-3, which will take on very important tasks, will hopefully make its first flight in the coming days with our combat drone. We will have taken it to the highest level in the world. Hürkuş, which we have started producing for friendly and allied countries, has already grown into an international platform. We will soon give the first products to Niger and Chad. We also get good news from our national helicopter Gökbey. Gökbey is now designed by our own engineers. It flies with a turbine engine.

As you know, with our 10-ton Atak-2 helicopter, we have become one of only three countries in the world that can produce helicopters in this class. There are so few countries in the world that can carry out the defense industry projects we have listed one after the other that we must be well aware of the historic transformation we are going through. As a Turkey, without seeing where we come from and where we are going, we must understand the reason for the sneak attacks we are subjected to on many topics from politics to economics, security to energy. Anyone who has been selling aircraft, helicopters and engines to us for years, is of course no longer waiting for them to be designed, produced and exported by us. Because they know that we will soon be selling these products to them as well.”


Erdoğan stated that they are already producing parts and developing systems and software for many countries’ planes and helicopters. Erdoğan stated that many parts of the aircraft used by Turkish Airlines have Turkey’s signature and they have advanced capabilities to modernize their aircraft.

Noting that the armed forces have equipped radar aircraft, reconnaissance and surveillance aircraft and electronic systems of F-16s with domestic and national systems, Erdoğan said they have taken similar steps on satellites.

Erdoğan stated that the space systems integration and testing center in TAI is one of the leading satellite development centers in the world, that they produce and develop the GÖKTÜRK satellites themselves. Erdoğan explained that the new TÜRKSAT satellite and other satellites of the new generation are next.

“The defense industry is never just the defense industry.” Erdogan said, “Defense industry, of course, means setting up the design and production infrastructure in which we can meet the needs of our own military. But beyond that, defense industry is the locomotive of the ecosystem that will enable our country to have a say in the world in the field of high technology. I say the future again, proud of the realization of age-old dreams.”

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