The earthquake triggered asthma attacks; There is an increase of 20%

The Turkish Thoracic Association gathered with asthma patients in Atatürk Park on the occasion of World Asthma Day. Carrying colorful balloons, the participants unfurled banners with the words ‘There is no dust, there is health’, ‘Smoke-free air, dust-free air’, ‘Healthy living, smoke-free air’. CU Faculty of Medicine Balcalı Hospital Department of Chest Diseases Faculty Member and Deputy Chief Physician, Turkish Thoracic Association Çukurova Branch President Prof. dr. Dr. Ezgi Özyılmaz stated that according to World Health Organization data, asthma is an extremely serious lung disease that affects 339 million people around the world and causes more than 400 thousand deaths every year. Prof. Dr. Özyılmaz explained that breathing fresh air, exercise and preventing obesity are also very important in asthma control along with drug treatment.


Noting that the earthquakes hitting 11 provinces in Kahramanmaraş and Hatay represent a second risk for asthma patients after the pandemic, Prof. Dr. Özyılmaz said heavy dust caused by destruction and excavation caused the attacks of the disease. Prof. Dr. Eryılmaz said: “During the pandemic period, it became difficult for patients to access health care. Later, during the earthquake, there was an increase in infections due to intense exposure to dust. This increase caused asthma attacks. The frequency of attacks between the 4th and 4th centuries increased by 20 percent after the earthquake,” he said.


Noting that an increase in asbestos-induced lung cancer cases is expected in the future, Özyılmaz warned as follows:

“The reason for the increase in these diseases is their exposure to intense dust due to the earthquake and asbestos released into the air during the debris removal work. Therefore, we believe that lung cancer and COPD will increase significantly in the future. Asthma patients should not stay in places where dust is concentrated in earthquake zones if they don’t it may be helpful to wear a mask apart from that if they maintain their normal weight and walk 30 minutes a day 5 days a week they will significantly reduce risk of death from all causes, not just from asthma.”

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