The end of the pandemic also changed cleaning habits!

Technology company Dyson has released the 2023 results of its annual Global Dust Study, which examines cleaning habits and behaviour, our understanding of house dust and its potential effects on our health.

During the event on April 13, Holistic Transformation Specialist Ayşe Tolga, Pediatric Allergy Specialist Assoc. Dr Şule Çağlayan Sözmen and lighting designer Ali Berkman shared with the participants the importance of creating a healthy home through air, floor cleaning and proper lighting, and their suggestions on this topic.

The Global Dust Survey, conducted with the participation of more than 30,000 people from 39 countries, reveals that cleaning habits are declining worldwide after the pandemic. While 60 percent of people now admit to cleaning only when they see visible dust or dirt, this percentage has increased by 20 percent from last year.

In addition, 41 percent of respondents indicate that they have a regular cleaning schedule, while this number has decreased by 15 percent since last year. This shows that we have become less disciplined in scheduled cleaning. While 61 percent of people living in Turkey say they clean when their house is dusty or they see dirt on the floor, this percentage has increased by 23 percent from last year.

The company’s microbiology specialist, Monika Stuczen, said in her statement about the research: “The outbreak of Covid-19 has highlighted the need for regular cleaning for a healthy home. Because many dust particles, including viruses and bacteria, are microscopic, and invisible to the naked eye, this sharp increase in the number of cleaners, when they see only visible dust, is cause for concern.” said.

Holistic transformation specialist Ayşe Tolga said at the event that took place on April 13: “Breathing is an action that keeps people alive and affects the whole life, although it seems quite simple. Because we breathe subconsciously and subconsciously, we often overlook the fact that breathing can help us unwind and improve our mood. Just as important as the breath we take, the conditions of the environment we breathe in are just as important. Because the more fresh air we breathe, the better our quality of life will be. That’s why I think it’s important to use technologies that improve the atmosphere in our environments.” said.

Pediatric Allergy Specialist Assoc. Dr. In her speech at the event, Şule Çağlayan Sözmen said: “In this period when we spend most of our time at home, the increase in pollen and dust becomes a problem for people with allergy problems. Allergens such as dust, dust mites and feces, pet dander and pollen that accumulate on the floor and on the items we use, along with indoor air pollution, cause allergy symptoms. To minimize the amount of all these contaminants, effective cleaning is first required. To reduce exposure to dust in your home, it is very important not to skip cleaning your beds, armchairs, hard-to-reach places and places where your pet sleeps and often roams with a vacuum cleaner with an effective filtration system. to your floors. The use of effective air purifying fans with added carbon to reduce indoor air pollution will be beneficial for the removal of toxins and ultrafine particles.

Speaking about the importance of lighting in our lives, lighting designer Ali Berkman drew attention to the problem of light poverty, saying: “A fifth of the world’s population still lives without access to electric and modern lighting, and 1.5 million people suffer from various respiratory diseases. diseases per year due to the use of primitive light sources such as gas lamps dies as a result. Therefore, we must be aware of the resources we have and be careful about energy efficiency. Reflecting this on the environment we live in, I suggest you pay attention to this in terms of lighting, just as other home features can be adapted and developed according to your needs. Light sources in your environment should be able to adapt to your pattern with the amount and color of light brightness throughout the day, from gradually waking up and getting ready in the morning to creating your personal home office and falling asleep at night. “Lighting plays a fundamental role in creating an efficient living environment that promotes both health and comfort.”

His research shows that we are little aware of what is in the dust in our homes and therefore what we are trying to clean. Particularly because 55 percent of homes worldwide have someone allergic to them, few are aware of the existence of common allergy triggers in dust. Only 33 percent of respondents said pollen can be found in fabric and 32 percent said they were aware of the possible presence of dust mite droppings. 48 percent of people living in Turkey think that most of the bacteria in the house are dust.

Creating a healthy living space is the main reason why people all over the world want to keep their homes dust free. While 45 percent of respondents in Turkey say they clean to keep everyone at home healthy, only 15 percent say they clean their home to make sure it is properly cleaned.

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