The expert explained: “Tobacco and alcohol cause cancer”

Sivas Cumhuriyet University (SCU) Health Services Application and Research Department of Medical Oncology Lecturer Dr. Instructor Member Mahmut Uçar made statements because of Cancer Week from April 1-7. At the same time, he is a board member of the SCU Cancer Studies Application and Research Center (KANAM). Instructor Member Uçar said in a statement that cancer is not destined to be prevented and that it is preventable, saying: “As damaged cells in our body change, they copy themselves and form new ones, and this is kept under control. When this cell proliferation gets out of hand, it can become an uncontrolled growing mass. This mass grows and becomes an invasive disease in the body. Cancer is not a single disease, there is no single treatment method.

It doesn’t look the same for everyone. Cancer is not fate, it can be prevented. We should not be afraid if we get sick. Cancer is a treatable disease. Screening methods are very important in early diagnosis. Free screenings are conducted at the Department of Health, Cancer Screening, Family Health Centers and Community Health Centers. Don’t be afraid of scans. Let’s not be afraid of cancer, let’s be afraid of being late,” he said.

“We organized 3 international conferences”

Giving information about the studies conducted at KANAM, Dr. Instructor prof. Uçar stated that they informed the society about cancer, saying: “We are conducting joint studies on the disease by gathering all branches of science working on cancer. We inform the public about cancer. We have organized 3 international congresses, we have signed many clinical studies. We are working to raise awareness in society by conducting new drug trials and having regular conversations about cancer on social media.”

“I did regular monthly breast exams”

Fatma Haspolat, who beat cancer, gave information about the diagnosis and the treatment process of the disease and said: “Before the diagnosis, I used to do regular monthly breast examinations myself. This is how I noticed. After realizing it, I immediately went to General Surgery and was examined. Investigations were done quickly. The diagnosis was made within a week. I’ve had surgery. After the operation I was referred to Oncology. I had chemotherapy consisting of 4 cycles and then radiotherapy. I am currently in my 7th year. I feel much better than before I was diagnosed. I want to thank all healthcare professionals, especially our doctors, who contributed to my treatment process.” He used his expressions.

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