The expert explained: Vaccination is the easiest way to prevent deaths under the age of 5

Sivas Cumhuriyet University Health Services Application and Research Department of Pediatrics Hospital Lect. Association member Dr. Elif Ünver Korğalı made statements about World Immunization Week, which is celebrated every year in the last week of April. associate Dr. Korğalı said that vaccination is the main shield that protects human life from disease and death, saying, “Vaccines are a preventive health method based on the principle of creating immunity after some or all disease-causing pathogens have been administered to the human body . in different ways after different processes. It is one of the key practices in reducing both adult and child mortality globally.” said.

“We can protect our children against 13 types of diseases”

Speaking of the importance of vaccination in children, Assoc. Dr. Korğalı said that thanks to vaccination they can protect children against 13 types of diseases and said: “Our children receive different vaccines from birth within a certain vaccination schedule. These vaccines may vary from country to country. In our country, we can protect our children from 13 types of diseases in the routine vaccination calendar. Vaccines provide protection against infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, meningitis, chickenpox and rubella. These diseases lead to severe disability and fatal consequences. That is why we protect our children against these dangers through vaccination. The theme of this year’s World Health Organization (WHO) vaccination week is replenishing missing vaccinations. Especially against the increasing hesitation about vaccination in recent years, healthcare professionals must convince people to get vaccinated by providing accurate information. In our country, all childhood vaccinations are administered free of charge and the vaccination rate is above 90 percent.

“3 million children and adults die from vaccine-preventable disease”

associate Dr. Korğalı stressed that all studies show that vaccines are the most economical, easiest and most reliable way to protect against deaths under the age of 5, Korğalı said: “The World Health Organization (WHO) stated that nearly 3 million people, including children and adults , lost their lives due to vaccine-preventable diseases. reports their loss. Vaccines are protective measures that we cannot give up for a more comfortable, longer and healthier life.” He stressed the importance of the vaccine in human life.

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