The filling should be done by botox experts.

Applications such as filling and botox, which have recently increased and boost the person’s self-confidence, are recommended by experts in hygiene environments. Plastic and aesthetic surgeon Op. Dr. Sinan Kaya gave important information. Speaking of the filler and botox process to look young, vibrant and more confident, Op. Dr Sinan Kaya said: “Some changes occur in everyone’s face due to environmental factors, work stress and ageing. Especially as we get older, more obvious changes are observed in our facial features. Wrinkles are one of the most common changes we encounter, or rather, one of the most uncomfortable situations for people. A number of procedures are performed to clarify the forehead lines, the lines we call crow’s feet in the corners of the eyes, lines covering the lower eyelid, increase the depth of the smile lines on the edge of the nose, and to prevent the grooves on the rim of the mouth become deeper. With these procedures, procedures such as filling and botox, which are performed to look younger, more vibrant and confident, have exploded in recent years.

“Botox process should be applied by experts”

Noting that many harmful products are used in the market during transactions, Op. Dr Sinan Kaya said: “Botox, as we know, is a procedure applied by temporarily blocking the muscles that mimic facial movements and restricting the movement of the skin on those muscles. Thanks to this process, previous wrinkles are reduced or completely disappeared, depending on age and wrinkle level. While the application process may seem simple, excellent results will emerge when done by trained experts. One of the important points is that there are too many sub-industry products on the market. If these products are not used, problems are avoided. Botox application is an application that is made at certain intervals in all seasons. It is also recommended to do post-procedure checkups,” he said.

“Procedures like filling and Botox increase the person’s self-confidence”

Dr. Dr. Kaya said: “Filling, another process, is applied during periods when the skin loses volume and vitality. For example, when a filler is performed on a woman with a small lip volume, her lip volume will increase and she will have a fuller, more vibrant appearance. In the same way, the filling process is easily done if there are dimples in the lines that we call the smile line. This process is also carried out in places where some parts of the face collapse. Filling, like botox, is a procedure that can be used in all seasons. Again, this should be done by experts in hygienic environments. Although there are many products on the market, we use the best quality product in a hygienic environment in our hospital. Although we have never encountered it before, it should be done by experts who can intervene in any complication. Procedures such as filling and botox increase the person’s self-confidence.

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