The first step in heart health is to quit bad habits.

Akyüz said that smoking comes first among the bad habits and that smoking should be stopped absolutely. He stated that malnutrition is another bad habit and drew attention to the excessive consumption of bread and sugar in particular. Due to Heart Health Week April 11-17, Dr. Akyuz said:

“For the health of our heart, we must follow a low-carbohydrate diet. Bread and sugar are the most consumed foods, especially among our people. When we consume them in excess, it causes cardiovascular disease. Our dietary habits also play an important role in the rise in cholesterol. For example, a fatty diet is one of them. We need a balanced diet. This diet will include carbohydrates, fats and proteins, but when we eat fat and carbohydrates, it causes cardiovascular disease.”

Akyüz said that exercise is also very important in cardiovascular disease and that cycling, swimming and walking are good for health; He pointed out that the walk should be brisk and at least half an hour a day.

Those with a family history should be more careful.

Akyüz stated that familial predisposition is also a factor in heart disease and stressed that people should be more careful in such cases. Akyüz also stressed that when a person has a familial predisposition to heart disease, it is necessary to start exercising earlier and eat a balanced diet. Stressing the importance of family history, Akyüz said, “Here we refer to family history as first-degree relatives; we are talking about mom, dad and siblings. If male persons have a history of cardiovascular disease, heart attack, bypass, stent before the age of 55, it puts other persons at risk. If such situations occur before the age of 65 in women, such as mothers and siblings, it poses an additional risk. In such cases, heart examination at a younger age is necessary.” he said.

An inspection is mandatory once a year.

Akyüz stated that while he recommends annual heart exams starting at age 40 in men and after menopause in women, they do so 10 years earlier in patients with a family history. Accordingly, Akyüz stated that a heart examination should be performed once a year from the age of 30 in male patients and once a year from the age of 40 in women, adding that being male is also a risk factor. Akyüz said the patient is not only male, but also has a family history of heart disease, and if the patient smokes, he should be more careful, Akyüz said their first goal is to prevent the disease and their second goal is to prevent it to deal with.

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