“The future of agriculture lies in science, not in the field” – Last Minute Economy News

Concluding his words with a quote from the famous entomologist Thomas Eisner, Prof. Toprak said: “Insects will not inherit the world, they already own the world. The philosophy of molecular crop protection is based on sustainable agriculture, environmentally friendly strategies for pest, disease – and weed control. This Congress is a platform for that,” he said.


In contrast, HEKTAŞ General Manager Hakkı Zafer Terzioğlu said in his speech that they have made Turkish farmers aware of how to use resources more efficiently and increase their productivity in crops with the sustainable agricultural practices they have developed. Terzioğlu said: “As HEKTAŞ, we are carrying out pioneering work that will ensure sustainable productivity in agriculture. We will record the results that will inspire the agriculture of the future with the conference we hosted at our facility, which is an example to the world. We will work to fulfill our duty to spread sustainable agricultural practices in the world of tomorrow.”


Nobel laureate Professor Craig Mello, who delivered the opening lecture of the Congress, stated that there have been exciting significant developments in recent years that will open new horizons in agriculture, especially in crop protection. Mello said, “More efficient agriculture is possible” and stressed that the 2nd International Molecular Plant Protection Congress is one of the most important platforms to introduce these developments to agriculture stakeholders. Expressing that the participants considered it important for HEKTAŞ, host of the event, to experience the Agricultural Innovation, Training and Experience Center FARM, Mello added that he wholeheartedly believes that the center is one of the world’s leading institutions in the field of agricultural technologies.


Under the event organized by HEKTAŞ in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Ankara University, 81 international scientists who are experts in molecular entomology, molecular plant pathology and molecular weed science will discuss the future of world agriculture within the innovative agricultural practices in the four-day sessions. The conference will feature a total of 167 oral presentations and 53 poster presentations, with 40 local and international industry stakeholders participating in the booths they have set up in the exhibition space.


OYAK General Manager Süleyman Savaş Erdem said they are proud to host an international event at FARM, the Agricultural Innovation, Training and Experience Center that brought HEKTAŞ to Turkey. Pointing out that awareness of sustainable agriculture and food security has increased in the world in recent years, Erdem said: “With the work we started by repositioning HEKTAŞ, we brought to our country a company that pioneered and innovative practices in the agriculture implemented. HEKTAŞ, which has signed the “Agriculture 4.0” transformation with the approach we have developed over the past seven years and our strategic steps in that direction, is guiding “Agriculture 5.0” to the point it has reached today. The future of agriculture is not only determined on the land, but also in the R&D centers with technology and science. With HEKTAŞ we prepare not only current but also future projects and farmers. We believe that scientists who are experts in their field will refocus crop protection strategies during the conference we organized. This congress will be a milestone in the field of innovation and R&D studies in crop protection.”

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