The greatest killer of your heart! Keep it off your table

According to experts, you should stay away from cured meats for many reasons. The high amount of sodium nitrate in these foods causes inflammation of the internal organs of the body.

Even choosing lower-fat meats will still do the same damage. These foods cause atherosclerosis, which is the same as inflammation.


As delicious as hot dogs are, they’re not good for heart health for the same reasons as processed meats.

The fat saturation level is quite high in hot dogs and sausages.

However, even options that say they are low in fat contain amounts of salt that can cause high blood pressure.


Cooked chicken that you buy from outside often contains more saturated fat and sodium than chicken dishes that are prepared at home in your kitchen.

That’s why experts don’t recommend stopping eating chicken altogether, but do recommend eating chicken that you’ve prepared yourself.

This is because you have much more control over the amount of sodium you consume at home.


All sauces you buy ready-made, especially ketchup, are very high in sugar and sodium.
Excessive consumption of sodium and sugar is not a good choice to protect your heart health.

Especially since ketchup is high in sodium, you can support your body in protecting your heart health by keeping ketchup away.

Barbecue sauce

When it comes to barbecue sauce, it wouldn’t be wrong to say it’s just as harmful as ketchup.
Therefore, it is one of the foods that you absolutely must stay away from to protect your heart health.
But if you cannot avoid it completely, it would be beneficial for you to at least limit the amount you consume. Remember that just two tablespoons of barbecue sauce contains about 310 milligrams of sodium.

table salt

70 percent of the total sodium we ingest comes from the foods we eat or buy in packaged form. 15 percent of this sodium occurs naturally in various ingredients.

However, the other 15% of sodium we can control only comes from the salt you add to your meals. To improve your heart health, it is essential that you reduce your salt intake.


Low-fat salad dressings can also be classified under the heading of foods that are harmful to your heart health. They contain hidden sugar and salt. According to experts, the sugar content increases when the fat of a food is reduced. This preserves the flavor of the sauce.


If there’s anything worse than less fat, it’s fat-free foods. The idea that packaged snacks without fat are a healthier alternative is completely wrong.

Fat-free foods, which are preferred by people trying to lose weight, actually have the opposite effect. Because instead of reducing fat, it means adding sugar.


When choosing peanut butter, choose those with all-natural ingredients and full of fat.

You can choose sugar-free if you want, but if you choose a fat-free or low-fat option, it will contain more sugar, giving you both unhealthy and the same calories.


Cornflakes are the food most people consume in the morning during the weight loss process. However, some of these foods have no nutritional value and increase your sugar intake.

So the next time you choose cereal, make sure you choose whole-grain and sugar-free options.


Milk with different flavors like cocoa and vanilla, which is consumed by people who don’t like regular milk, actually contains quite a high amount of sugar. For this reason, nutritionists say you should avoid these options to avoid excessive sugar intake.


It is a known fact that eating fried foods also affects heart health.

Several studies show that eating too many fried foods can lead to coronary artery problems.
The oils used in the preparation of such foods are full of trans fats, which increase bad cholesterol levels in the body.


French fries are just as bad for your heart as fried chicken. Excessive consumption of French fries also significantly increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

In addition, it can lead to hypertension.


Eating too many chips leads to more weight gain than eating other foods. Chips are more harmful than red meat or even processed meat.

Potato chips are very low in fiber and do not contain enough protein. On the contrary, it has very high sodium levels, which is harmful to the heart.


Many people turn to smoothies because they believe they are healthy. However, fruit smoothies are quite unhealthy due to the amount of sugar in them.

In addition, because the portions are quite large, it contains a lot of calories.


Ready-to-drink green detox drinks have a similar effect to fruit smoothies. It is important to watch your portions while consuming these drinks.
While a bottle creates the perception of a single serving, it actually contains two or even three servings.


The sodium content is generally high in any canned food.

For most canned soups, each cup contains about 500 milligrams of sodium. As a result, drinking just one serving of canned soup contains more than a third of your daily sodium intake.


While capers are known to be calorie-free, their sodium content can be quite high.

Capers served in salt water contain an excessive amount of salt. For this reason, even a single scoop contains about 400 mg of sodium and it is never recommended to use it for your heart health.


In some cases, it is important to choose the simplest option to protect your health, and this is also true when it comes to yogurt.

According to extensive research, fruit-flavored yogurt contains six teaspoons or more of sugar for every serving you consume.

If you care about your heart health and want to protect it, it is ideal to choose yogurt.


For many people, granola is the preferred breakfast favorite, especially in the morning.

However, eating granola means your calorie intake during breakfast increases exponentially.

Granola bowls, especially consumed without regard to portions, can be a complete calorie bomb.

Remember that many granola products contain excessive amounts of sugar and lack essential nutrients and fiber.

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