The healthiest way to prepare meat! It’s much more nutritious.

Nutrition and dietitian dietician Cansu Özçelik, who stated that serious increases in health problems were observed with the increase in meat consumption during Eid al-Adha, provided information on the points to consider in meat consumption, preservation and storage.

Noting that it is important to wait 1 day after cutting the meat during the feast, Uzm. this. Özçelik said: “When the meat is just cut, a condition called ‘death stiffness’ sets in, which is why it causes problems in cooking and digestion. After the sacrifice is slaughtered, the meat is put in a kept in a cool environment without sunlight.4 hours allow the meat to return to its normal state.Maturation period 24 hours is enough for the meat.During this time, the meat becomes more suitable both in tenderness and taste.

exp. this. Özçelik shared the following information about keeping the sacrificial meat in the refrigerator:

“If you store meat, you can keep it in the refrigerator for 1-2 weeks at -2 degrees and 6 months in the freezer at -18 degrees. For cooking, you can put the meat that we take out of the freezer on the lower shelves from the refrigerator and let it thaw slowly, you must cook the thawed meat without waiting and it must not be refreezed.”

Underlining that excessive consumption of red meat during the feast paves the way for stomach and intestinal diseases, Uzm. this. Özçelik said: “Because red meat is not rich in fiber, it can cause digestive problems such as constipation and indigestion. For this reason, a maximum of 120 grams of red meat should be consumed per day (maximum 4-5 meatballs).

Stating that there are some important points that diabetes and heart patients should pay attention to when consuming meat, Uzm. this. Özçelik summed up his suggestions as follows:

“Excessive consumption of red meat may be at the root of some chronic diseases. These chronic diseases include diabetes, colon cancer, cardiovascular disease. The underlying reason may be the saturated fatty acids in meat. This is also important in terms of arteriosclerosis For this reason, people with chronic diseases should eat meat in the lean part of the feast and on average no more than 120 grams, although not every day.

Claiming that boiling, baking and grilling are the healthiest cooking methods when consuming meat, Uzm. this. Özçelik said: “Because roasting and roasting makes you take in more oil. Although barbecuing is considered an indispensable part of the holiday, make sure that the meat does not get charred during cooking. Because charred meat always carries the risk of cancer brings.”

Noting that the other major issue we should pay attention to during the holidays is the increase in sweet consumption, Uzm. this. Özçelik concluded his words by saying: “It would be more appropriate to prefer milky and fruity desserts rather than sorbet desserts which contain high amounts of fat and sugar. You can serve desserts prepared with foods such as dried fruits , walnuts, almonds in addition to chocolate in your treats.”

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