The Hidden Danger of Air Conditioning: Facial Paralysis

With the arrival of the summer months, the need for cooling with air conditioning increases. When the neck, back and waist sweat in a hot environment, exposed to artificial cooling and sudden cold air, muscle spasms and related pain can occur.

“Degrees of 18 to 18 degrees are not suitable for cooling down”

Dr. Selin Turan, “Improper application of air conditioner operation in rising temperatures invites various diseases. Muscle spasms, muscle stiffness, facial paralysis due to contact with a certain half of the face, behind the ear and neck, especially in the respiratory tract To avoid this there are a number of points to pay attention to when using air conditioning.After taking a bath, shower, swimming pool, wet hair should not be exposed to the cold.After sweating, one should not be directly exposed to the air -conditioned fan When we get into the car, the air conditioner should not be turned on immediately. After opening the windows, the ambient temperature should be gradually lowered after providing air circulation. Low temperatures such as 18 are not suitable for cooling At 22 to 23 degrees cooling must be provided so that the fan is at the lowest current.”

“Direct exposure to air conditioners and other refrigerants in summer causes facial paralysis”

Listing the symptoms of facial paralysis, Dr. Selin Turan said, “While exposure to cold air and wind causes paralysis of the upper body in winter, direct exposure to air conditioners and other coolers in summer causes paralysis of the face. It appears with inactivity in some facial muscles or all over the face. The patient cannot close his eyes completely.”There will be bleeding, he cannot smile fully. He closes his eyes, but a complete absorption cannot be achieved. In such a case, a health facility should apply immediately and treatment should begin immediately,” he said.

“After facial paralysis has occurred, one should go directly to a health facility”

Turan stated that facial paralysis can be treated, Turan said, “When facial paralysis originates in the brain, only the lower part of the face is involved. When it is involved, it only occurs in half of the face, including the entire forehead In the other, after the visit to the neurology doctor, ear, nose, throat, doctor, the necessary medication, vitamins and treatment are started and followed up.In general, the patients are completely back to their previous condition within 3 weeks. will continue, but the patients will be treated with physiotherapy and rehabilitation exercises. The treatment will continue. After facial paralysis occurs, the patient should directly turn to a health institution. Necessary drug therapy, antiviral therapy, vitamin therapy, simple exercise therapy is usually given. it recovered within 3 weeks Again, when there is continuity in facial paralysis, physiotherapy is given. Together, almost complete recovery is achieved,” he said.

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