The historic Gallipoli peninsula is preparing for international ceremonies

The historic Gallipoli Peninsula, scene of the world’s bloodiest wars, is preparing for international ceremonies to mark the 108th anniversary of the Çanakkale Land Wars.

The historic Gallipoli Peninsula, scene of the world’s bloodiest wars, is preparing for international ceremonies to mark the 108th anniversary of the Çanakkale Land Wars. Preparations for Turkish martyrs and monuments, as well as foreign monuments and cemeteries have reached the stage of completion for the ceremonies to be held at the historic site tomorrow and April 25. Work continues on the Martyrs Monument, British and French monuments and ceremonial areas in Anzac Cove and Conkbayırı.
In addition to the installation of portable bleachers, the creation of the stage, rest areas and security corridors for the entrances and exits for the guests to attend the ceremonies, landscaping is being carried out in the areas that are needed. İsmail Kaşdemir, Head of Çanakkale Wars and Gallipoli Historical Site, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, provided information about the works. Kaşdemir recalled that the 108th anniversary of the Çanakkale Naval Victory was realized this year and stated that the 108th anniversary ceremonies of the Land Wars will be held tomorrow and the next day.
Kaşdemir said: “We, as the Turkish side, will hold our ceremonies in Çanakkale on April 24 and 25, and foreign states will conduct their own ceremonies. Of course, as every year, there are many guests from Australia, New Zealand, France and England will come this year.”Representatives of the state and ambassadors will participate in the ceremonies. An important international ceremony will be held in Çanakkale,” he said. Kaşdemir explained that they are continuing their preparations for the ceremony as presidency and said, “Currently, it has reached its final stage. Many of our guests, both domestic and foreign, will meet in Çanakkale and we will conduct our ceremonies together in peace, tranquility and well-being.”
İsmail Kaşdemir pointed out that Çanakkale became a symbol of peace after the war. Kaşdemir stated that Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk wrote a letter to Anzac mothers after the war and said, “Atatürk wrote in his letter: ‘Heroes who shed their blood on the land of this land, you are here at the bottom of a friendly native country. Sleep tight. You are sheep and goats side by side with the Mehmetçiks. “Mothers who sent their children to war from distant lands, soothe your tears, your children are in our womb, they are at peace. And they will sleep peacefully in peace. Having given their lives on this land, they became our children.’ “That is why Çanakkale has become a home of peace and tranquility for everyone. We will also hold our ceremonies in peace and tranquility here, but of course those great, heroic people, especially the heroic and victorious commander of Çanakkale, “We will honor with great respect our comrades-in-arms and Mehmetçik, especially Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the commander-in-chief of our War of Independence and the founder of our Republic. We will remember them with our feelings of grace and gratitude.”
Kaşdemir emphasized that due to the 100th anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic, the ceremonies to be held this year have taken on a different meaning and the roads to the Republic started from Çanakkale, saying: “The belief in liberation, the staff that the War of Independence appeared on the scene of history in Çanakkale.Atatürk also took his first step on the scene of history in Çanakkale and as the hero of Çanakkale and the hero of Anafartalar, he gained great support from the Turkish nation in the War of Independence.
Kaşdemir said Atatürk took his place in the heart of the Turkish nation in Çanakkale and said: “This long and grueling journey that started from Çanakkale, the difficult years of the War of Independence and the fact that we finally have our Republic is very important With these feelings we will hold our ceremonies in Çanakkale. We will remember with great respect and reverence the heroes of Çanakkale, our War of Independence and the founding fathers of the Republic, and we will once again have the opportunity to reflect on what tremendous difficulties they faced have come, and how our Republic was proclaimed. We will express our feelings of gratitude to them. Hopefully our Republic will last forever in this country,” he said.
“The spirit of Çanakkale will always live in these lands,” Kaşdemir said.

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