The importance and mode of water consumption on hot summer days

Reminding Yıldırım that the increase in sweating and evaporation with the heated air increases the need for fluid, Yıldırım said, “Nearly 70 percent of the human body is made up of water. Water is necessary for all vital metabolic events that take place in the cell. Water also lubricates the joints” and drew attention to why water is needed. Yıldırım stated that health problems can arise if not enough fluids are taken and warned as follows: “If adequate water requirements are not met, kidney functions will deteriorate and kidneys may be permanently damaged. The kidneys are unable to expel the metabolic wastes they need to be excreted in the absence of water, and this job is left to the liver. In this case, since the liver is overloaded, the rate of fat storage in the body increases. The other organ most affected by thirst is the skin.

When the skin is dehydrated, dryness and wrinkles will develop. Skin rashes due to dehydration can occur and aging accelerates. When the water that supports the immune system is insufficiently consumed, immunity decreases as the functioning of the body is affected. As a result, absenteeism due to illness is increasing. In the intestinal tract, water feeds the microbiota and constipation occurs when not enough fluid is taken in. The main factor that increases the amount of breast milk in nursing mothers is drinking water. Milk production decreases. Headache, poor concentration, weakness and absent-mindedness are serious problems with insufficient fluid intake. “How much water should be consumed” Yıldırım emphasized that the daily average amount of water that a healthy person should drink is 35 ml per kilogram, saying: “For example, 1.7 liters for 50 kg, 2.1 liters for 60 kg and 2.4 liters for 70 kg. These amounts vary depending on sweating, exercise and needs. Kidney patients should drink water in the amounts recommended by their doctor. “Does the consumption of tea and coffee replace water?” “One of the well-known mistakes is that tea, coffee and herbal teas are consumed instead of water. Tea, coffee and herbal teas do not replace water,” Yıldırım said, emphasizing that excessive consumption of tea, coffee and herbal teas, being diuretic (diuretic), causes an edema problem by removing excess water from the body. “What should be done to increase water consumption” Regarding what can be done to increase water consumption, Yıldırım shared the following information:

Don’t wait for thirst to drink water. If you forget to drink water, set yourself goals for quantity and time. You can set an alarm or a reminder by downloading applications that track drinking water to your phone. If you don’t like the taste of water, you can get help from fresh natural foods like lemon slices, mint, cinnamon, fruit particles to add flavor to your water. If you have a habit of drinking carbonated drinks instead of water, just choose mineral water. day. You can buy attractively colored bottles or drinking cups to increase motivation. It reminds you to drink water as you see it. Track the amount of water you drink daily and gradually increase the amount of water you drink each day until you reach your goal. Along with every tea, coffee and herbal tea you drink, have a large glass of water and make it a habit.”

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