The importance of skin care in summer

Dermatology (Skin) specialist Dr. Stressing that she should pay attention to skin care in every season, Asiye Yıldız said, “Our skin needs more careful care in summer because of the sun, extreme heat and humidity. Although the sun has positive effects on our skin, it is often emphasized that it also has harmful effects, especially in recent years. That is why we should pay more attention to our skin in the summer months.

“Sunburn in childhood can cause skin cancer”

Dr Yildiz also addressed the effects of the sun on the skin, saying: “Scientific studies show that 10-15 minutes of sun exposure per day is sufficient for vitamin D production. Children and fair-skinned people need to be more careful the first days of sun exposure. In addition to complaints such as heat stroke, sunburn occurs with sudden prolonged exposure to the sun. Sunburn, which often occurs in childhood, can cause skin cancer such as melanoma later in life.

“Choosing the right sunscreen is important”

Giving information about the sunscreens used for sun protection, Dr. Asiye Yıldız said: “Long exposure to the sun causes serious problems such as skin cancer, but also harmless skin problems such as premature aging of the skin, dry skin and skin blemishes. For these reasons, sunscreen should be used regularly during the summer months and protection should be provided with hats, sunglasses and clothing. Be careful when choosing a sunscreen. Products with protective properties against both ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B are preferred. When women are going to put on make-up, they should first apply sunscreen and then do their make-up. Products that provide physical protection, such as titanium dioxide, may be preferred for infants and pregnant women. For the care and protection of the skin, it is important to apply sunscreen half an hour before going out/starting exposure to the sun. It is best to make it a habit to apply sunscreen every morning after cleansing the face.

“Foot care should not be interrupted in summer and winter”

Finally, referring to foot care, dermatologist Dr. Asiye Yıldız said, “An ideal sunscreen should be resistant to sweat and water. Although some creams have waterproof properties, their effectiveness decreases when the face is washed or when swimming in the pool or sea. For this reason, it is recommended to reapply sunscreen every 2-3 hours after using the sea or swimming pool. In summer, not only the sun but also the chemicals in the pool water can have a negative effect on our skin. For this reason, deep peeling and laser peeling treatments should not be performed, especially before going on holiday in the summer months. It would be appropriate to postpone such applications until after the summer. At the end of the day, after cleansing the skin with a suitable skin-cleansing foam or gel, it should be treated with a moisturizer suitable for the skin type. Foot care is also a point that needs attention in summer and winter. The feet should be dried very well after each wash and attention should be paid to nail care and shoe selection. It would be appropriate to get information from your dermatologist about skin care, moisturizer and sunscreen selection, and the selection of products suitable for skin type and skin texture.

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