The main remedy for summer diarrhea is water.

Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University Hospital Department of Pediatrics Lecturer Prof. dr. Dr. İbrahim Etem Pişkin stated that upper respiratory tract infections are common in winter and diarrhea in summer.

Pişkin stated that the number of diarrheal cases has increased in recent days in emergency and inpatient departments and stressed that a doctor should be consulted in case of symptoms such as weakness and exhaustion in children and infants.

Pişkin stated that patients with diarrhea can be fed with foods such as potatoes, bananas, low-fat pasta and rice:

“As you know, upper respiratory infections are very common during the winter months. In the summer we see more cases of diarrhea. Cases of diarrhea are usually diagnosed as gastronomy in these patients. The situation we call gastroenteritis may be due to the food we eat and the water we drink. In the summer months, these infections are very common due to the problems with food storage conditions and temperature. In the past week, cases of diarrhea have started to increase in our inpatient departments in our emergency departments. In this regard, cases of diarrhea increase in severity as children get younger. The main treatment is water. That’s why you shouldn’t lose your water.

Especially with small babies it is necessary to be much more careful. Because in small babies, the proportions of body salt and loss of body water can increase significantly. In this regard, it is imperative to see a doctor if your baby has weakness or fatigue. We define diarrhea as more than three bowel movements per day. Therefore, we should not accept every loose stool as diarrhea. Especially if there is vomiting with diarrhea, the risk of fluid loss in these children increases. Therefore, in cases accompanied by vomiting, it is necessary to drink the water slowly while giving it. In other words, if we drink water too quickly, these children are triggered to vomit. Therefore, it is necessary to give fluids gradually.

Nutrition is very important for children. We recommend that you eat fat-free foods as much as possible. We can give foods like rice and pasta without oil. We can give our patients bananas. We can give potatoes with it. These are important in the treatment of diarrhea. We should stay away from foods such as watermelon, cantaloupe or high in sugar as much as possible. Because they can increase the frequency of the amount of diarrhea. Again, this should be one of our most important messages. Most of these cases are due to viruses. What does this mean? This means that these patients usually do not need antibiotics. Therefore, the use of antibiotics should be avoided as much as possible. Antibiotics should not be used in case of diarrhea without doctor’s advice and examination. Because antibiotics can increase the frequency of diarrhea. However, different probiotics can be used for diarrhea. It is necessary to stay away from antibiotics, drink plenty of fluids and pay as much attention to hand hygiene and hand washing as possible.”

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