The main treatment for diabetes is lifestyle changes.

Dr. Dr. Zubaroğlu said: “The basic treatment in all diabetes mellitus is lifestyle change, the questions ‘What we eat, what we drink and how much we move’ are fundamental. If we put these in order, medication may not be necessary in diabetes, and even without lifestyle changes, medication is not reasonable.” used the sentences.

Wrong living habits main cause

İbrahim Zubaroğlu stated that diabetes is basically divided into two and stated that genetically transmitted type 2 diabetes is common. In stating that type 1 diabetes is related to the absolute absence of insulin and is treated with insulin alone, Dr. Zubaroğlu, “Type 2 diabetes can be treated with drugs or insulin. However, the most important thing with diabetes types is the sustainability of healthy lifestyle habits.” he said.

Zubaroğlu said that the main cause of type 2 diabetes is poor lifestyle habits and it is possible to prevent it: “Those with a family history of diabetes fall into the risk group of type 2 diabetes. However, it is possible to reduce this risk or delay the onset of the disease with diet and exercise.

Eliminate the causes of illness from your life

Zubaroğlu added that surgical treatments can also be used for diabetic patients if necessary, “However, surgery is not a solution to be considered at an early stage, we must remove the causes of the disease from our lives and change our lifestyle.” he said. Zubaroğlu, who stated that if the person does not diet or take medication throughout his life despite knowing that he has diabetes, there is a risk of high blood sugar and diabetic coma, and warned that this coma can cause death.

Insulin resistance is the first step of diabetes!

Zubaroğlu said that insulin resistance is the precursor of type 2 diabetes, and these people are on the way to becoming diabetic, and continued his words as follows: “At this stage, if the person takes the necessary precautions, insulin resistance may return, some patients with insulin resistance take drugs, and some do not, but in all, lifestyle changes are essential, otherwise the drug will not work either. Unhealthy diets for rapid weight loss should also be avoided. It is not enough, walking for 1 hour at a speed of 5-6 kilometers per hour is sufficient.

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