The more you eat, the greater your risk of kidney failure

Malnutrition and sedentary lifestyle are among the factors that cause many diseases. Salt, the most commonly used spice in Turkish cuisine, causes several diseases. Dr. Rana Ömürova said: “As salt consumption increases, the risk of hypertension increases. As a result, excessive salt consumption also damages the kidneys. Lifestyle changes such as salt restriction, regular exercise and weight loss are effective in preventing chronic renal failure.”


Kidney failure can be acute or chronic. While acute renal failure is a short-term condition, such as weeks or days, renal dysfunctions that persist for more than 3 months are considered chronic. While acute kidney failure is usually manageable, chronic kidney failure can be progressive and permanent. Emphasizing the importance of prevention and treatment of chronic renal failure, Dr. Rana Ömürova pointed out that kidney failure can have serious consequences that can affect all organs.


Diabetes and hypertension are the leading causes of chronic renal failure. In other words, 60 percent of chronic renal failure is caused by these two health problems. These diseases are closely related to excessive salt consumption. Dr. Rana Ömürova listed other causes of kidney failure, such as kidney inflammations called nephritis, urinary tract infections, stone diseases, genetic diseases and cystic kidney disease.


Dr. Rana Ömürova, on tips to reduce salt consumption, said: “Reduce the amount of salt you use when cooking, and your mouth will get used to less salt over time. Instead of salty foods, use different herbs, dill, parsley, lemon and garlic to flavor your meals Remove salt and salty sauces from your table so your children don’t develop the habit of adding salt to their meals Make sure to read the label on ready-to-eat read foods before purchasing. Choose those with less salt. Before consuming foods such as pickles, canned foods, pickled leaves, olives and cheese, wash them or soak them in water. “Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables,” said she.

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