The most common gynecological diseases in the summer

Just before we enter the summer months, almost everyone has already started making holiday programs because they want to enjoy the warm weather.

Lonely women have to pay attention to many points because of extremely hot weather in summer, excessive sweating and negative sanitary conditions. Dr. Mehmet Bekir Şen said, “This discomfort, which manifests with a burning sensation during and after urination, also appears in the form of frequent urination, pain in the lower abdomen, swelling and cloudy urine.” The first step to To prevent this disease is to drink plenty of water and prefer hygienic swimming pools. This is because the fungal infection likes moist, warm and closed body parts,” he said.

In addition, he states that the chlorine found in the swimming pools that are often used during the summer months causes the beneficial bacteria in the vaginal area to disappear. Dr. Mehmet Bekir Şen said, “The main way to get rid of this infection, which manifests with problems such as itching and burning, is not to stay in wet clothes for a long time. In addition, the sea should be preferred to the swimming pool, tight clothing should be avoided, underwear should be changed regularly, soaps that disturb the pH balance should be avoided, it should be remembered that cleaning with only water is sufficient and daily use of pads should be avoided.

Op. Dr. Şen,’ ‘It can occur due to the microbe called ‘gardneralle vaginalis’ from public toilets, or it can manifest after the chlorine in the swimming pools destroys the acidic environment. To avoid this discomfort, which causes symptoms in the form of itching and foul-smelling discharge, you should urinate before the pool and shower immediately after the pool. In addition, toilets must be flushed before use. Several parasites can be transmitted from common external environments. More attention should be paid to hygiene, especially during the summer holidays. It would be helpful to use clothing preferences for cotton fabrics. If gynecological problems are not treated, they can become chronic over time. In such matters, it is imperative to seek help from an expert.”

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