The most effective way to lose weight: healthy diet and exercise

Endocrinologist Prof. Dr. Emre Bozkırlı said obesity, which he briefly defines as “abnormal or excessive accumulation of adipose tissue at a level that can impair the health of the body”, has emerged as a serious public health problem with an increasing incidence in recent years around the world. and in our country.

Prof. Dr. Bozkırlı stated that with the modern lifestyle, the shift from foods and drinks to processed, high-calorie foods and society’s tendency towards an inactive lifestyle are the main culprits of this situation. He emphasized that the disease is closely related to metabolic disorders such as hypertension, diabetes, high blood lipids, cardiovascular disease, respiratory problems, fatty liver disease, back hip and knee joint problems and even many types of cancer. He argued that with all these negative images, significant improvement can be achieved with weight loss, which is why it is important to raise public awareness and combat obesity.

“The basis of the treatment is healthy eating and regular exercise”

Prof. Dr. Bozkırlı stressed that in the treatment of the disease, individuals with weight problems should be assessed by an experienced doctor and examined for health problems, especially hormonal diseases, which will explain this situation. He emphasized that healthy eating and regular exercise are the basis of treatment after following proper doctor’s recommendations in terms of conditions that prevent weight loss.

In addition to lifestyle changes, there are currently weight loss drugs that can be used under the supervision of a doctor in the treatment of obesity, and satisfactory results are obtained in patients who adhere to the recommendations. Dr. Bozkırlı said: “Apart from all these methods, surgical interventions for obesity can be beneficial in weight loss in some patients that have been shown to be appropriate after evaluations of patients with advanced weight problems.”

“Weight can be regained with loss of motivation”

Noting that patients who are dissatisfied with their current weight and who begin weight loss treatments under expert supervision have achieved great success in weight loss with the initial motivation. Dr. Bozkırlı said: “However, one of the most important factors in the treatment of the disease is durability, and most patients start to gain weight again with loss of motivation over time and return to their old weight. In addition, while the hormones that increase the feeling of hunger as the body’s defense mechanism increase with weight loss in all people, the hormones that cause the feeling of satiety decrease and the body becomes inclined to gain weight again by slowing down the metabolism. rate.

“It is more difficult to maintain the lost weight”

Pointing out that patients determined to lose weight can achieve successful results with the right recommendations under expert supervision, Prof. Dr. Bozkırlı said: “However, if we have to ask whether it is more difficult to lose weight or to regain the lost To maintain weight, we need to know that the weight lost can come back on with the body’s defense mechanisms and the loss of healthy eating and exercise habits. after a while. In other words, maintaining the lost weight seems much more difficult than the initial weight loss. Looking at the common features of our patients who maintain their weight loss; We see that there are individuals with high willpower, who do not lose their diet and exercise discipline, and who have made healthy eating and exercise their daily natural life.”

For this reason, Prof. dr. Emphasizing that the indispensable part of the treatment is “avoiding heavy diets and excessive exercise that cannot be sustained for life,” says Prof. Dr. Bozkırlı said: “The building blocks of treatment should be learning healthy eating habits and healthy exercise habits that can be maintained throughout life. Since the weight problem does not come on in a short period of time, but occurs over time, treatment methods touted as incredibly short-term should be avoided. Inappropriate interventions such as the use of supplements, which are claimed to be harmless – herbal, but whose content is unknown – recommended by non-doctors – should not be considered as they can cause life-threatening health problems.

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