The Mysterious Face of the Internet Deep Web Information

Information about Deep Web

The Deep Web is not a place that has existed for many years but is known to everyone. Deep Web, which has a very different structure and content than the sites you know, is another internet network that can be inconvenient for anyone. This awkward situation keeps search engines like Google and Yandex away.

As can be seen from the videos and photos uploaded in this network, there are no prohibitions in all countries, not even killing people… Drug trafficking, serial killers you can hire, any kind of gun guarantee you want, making of bombs and explosives, banned video and audio recordings of politicians, hackers who conjure up the internet, there are more than 50 thousand offensive sites in chat rooms, such as fake documentaries selling driver’s licenses, passports, etc. So what is Deep Web, how to log in, how many layers does Deep Web consist of and what are the layers?

Here are the unknowns about Deep Web, the mysterious and scary side of the Internet;

1. Layers and Features of the Deep Web

The moment you connect to the Deep Web, which makes up 90 percent of the internet, you’re not in situations like brutality, horror, kids’ movies, and drugs. You have to constantly search the Deep Web to get there. This requires you to navigate between layers, but the depth of each layer is different. There are a total of 8 different and interesting layers here. While anyone at home can easily access the first 4 layers with their computer, the other 4 layers can be accessed with ultracomputers. These ultracomputers are computers whose processors are thousands of times faster than a custom-made normal computer.

The layers of the Deep Web, which consists of 8 layers:

Level 0 to 1: Sites we use in our daily lives.

Level 2 (Bergie Web): This layer contains sites that are banned by classic search engines.

Layer 3 (deep web): It is the beginner level of the Deep Web.

Layer 4 (Charterweb): It is the part of the Deep Web that is divided into Tor and Private Access Level. At the Tor level, it contains findings such as banned movies, books, videos, music, as well as data such as betting cheats and government agents. Special Access includes data such as videos showing the back of science and technology, war projects of states, Illuminati, Freemasons and secret organizations.

Layer 5 (Marianas Web): There is not much information about this part that no one in Turkey can get hold of. It is thought that if this layer, which is a very deep layer, can be reached, then events can take place that can bring states to the point of destruction.

Layer 6 (dangerous): Every layer of the Deep Web poses a danger, but this level is called the most dangerous level of the Deep Web.

Layer 7 (Virus Shoup): This region, declared a war zone, is like a virus swamp, as the name suggests. The goal is not to take someone to the 8th layer anyway.

Level 8 (The Primarch System): This system, which is controlled by the Primarch system, unknown to anyone, cannot be accessed directly. The 8th layer, which is protected by a system that no computer can handle today, is also called the “boss of the Internet”.

2. Tor and proxy software for deep web access

Information about Deep Web

You cannot use normal search engines to access the Deep Web. You must use Tor Browser or Proxy, which are special software for dynamic HTML and complex extensions that classic search engines cannot reach. Tor Browser contains onion sites. Here you can access content such as government documents, experiments that will disrupt your psychology, the use of bombs and weapons. The proxy, on the other hand, finds completely illegal sites instead of ui extension sites like Tor Bowser. It finds all kinds of information, documents, shopping environments, viruses and extensions such as celebrity hackers. However, the Deep Web consists of many layers and each layer demands more information.

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3. Currency of the Deep Web: Bitcoin

Information about Deep Web

If you are going to do business or shop with dangerous people on the Deep Web, you should use Bitcoin instead of normal money. To pay the transaction fees, you need to convert your money into Bitcoin and make the transaction correctly here. Launched in 2009, Bitcoin is known as electronic money. However, the difference between this money and other currencies does not depend on any government, central bank or institution. An estimated $5 billion a year in money flows into the Deep Web, where the number of visitors has grown enormously in recent years. One of the biggest factors in the increase in this cash flow is the Tor Browser search engine you should be using to get in.

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